Prodigy Technovations announces innovative PCIeGen3/4 Protocol Analyzer

BENGALURU, India, Sept. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Prodigy Technovations Pvt. Ltd, a Bangalore-based company, introduces its PGY-PCIeGen3/4-PA PCIe Protocol Analyzer supporting 2.5, 5.0. 8.0 and 16GT/S speeds. PCIeGen3/4 Protocol Analyzer is used for development and validation of PCIe interface for M.2, U.2 and Embedded PCIe Bus. Engineers in mobile, automotive and 5G network use this product to debug the protocol layer design problems in PCIe. PGY-PCIeGen3/4-PA provides industry best solution to simultaneously monitor and decode PCIe traffic at 2.5GT/S to 16GT/s and supports protocol decode and analysis of TS1, TS2, DLLP and TLP packets. Detailed LTSSM view is provided to help the designers to see PCIe state machine transitions.

PCIe Protocol Analysis Software

PGY-PCIeGen3/4-PA Software does industry best decode and analysis of deep memory PCIe traffic saving debug time. Designers can quickly select and view the parameter of interest in the TS1, TS2, DLLP or TLP packet. Separate decode and analysis view of configuration packets exchanged between root complex and end point. Current generation Software GUI with multiple floating windows and flexibility to view the required packet content makes it easy to debug the design issues with flexibility to hide and unhide the columns. LTSSM Analysis in software provides graphical representation of different states of protocol layer along with substate information.

PGY-PCIeGen3/4-PA Protocol Analyzer provides 64GB memory depth to capture the x4 link traffic. PCIe Protocol Analyzer supports trigger on content of the protocol packets and if-then-elseif multi-level trigger capability. This enables engineers to capture protocol details around the trigger condition and monitor PCIe bus over a long period of time.

Key Features of PGY-PCIeGen3/4-PA  PCIe Gen3/4 Protocol Analyzers are

Simultaneous Protocol analysis of 2.5, 5, 8, and 16GT/S Protocol Traffic Acquisition memory management to capture protocol traffic using trigger, segmented memory, circular buffer and hardware filters Responsive software to analyze long captures with LTSSM view Active M.2, U.2 interposers and Solder down and custom probing Solutions Simple and advanced Trigger based on TS1, TS2, DLLP and TLP Protocol packet content

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