Prinics launches a new ‘KODAK ERA’ product line up

SEOUL, South Korea, March 30, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Prinics, a Korean-based printing technology company specializing in photo printers, launched its ‘ERA’ line with 6 products – Kodak MiniShot 4 ERA, Kodak MiniShot 3 ERA, Kodak MiniShot 2 ERA, Kodak Mini 3 ERA, Kodak Mini 2 ERA, and Kodak Dock ERA in the USA on March 15, 2024. The ERA products offer state-of-the-art features for high-quality photos and allow you to print memorable moments. The KODAK MiniShot 4 ERA is the world’s first 4X4 square-type instant camera which can be put to good use for your shop decor or for promoting your shop by gifting photos to customers.

Era Product Line up image

The KODAK ERA line draws inspiration from the motif of a 35mm film, incorporating Kodak’s 135-year heritage and featuring the iconic black and yellow, Kodak’s brand colors. Through this launch, Kodak Photo Printer aims to emphasize its brand identity and visually appeal to customers. The new Kodak ERA products are expected to serve as opportunities to once again validate the Kodak Photo Printer’s technological innovation and design capacity. Kodak Photo Printer will continue to pursue research and development to lead the way in photo printer culture.

KODAK ERA: Specs and Features

Autofocus and Face Detection –

Minishot 2, 3 and 4 have Autofocus function allowing automatic focus on a subject; once the subject is in focus, the focus is locked, so that photographer can take sharper photos. Their Face Detection feature allows facial feature identification and distinction from non-face objects thereby enabling clearer face-shots.

Improved User Interface and more than 5 available languages –

Improved User Interface permits efficient switching of settings and 8 user languages: Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese, German, Italian, French, Spanish.

Eco-friendly products –

This product line makes use of cartridges made from 100% PCR recycled plastic and uses eco-friendly paper packaging which generally consumes less energy compared to manufacturing of plastic packaging. This facilitates Kodak Photo Printer to play a significant role in minimizing its environmental impact.

For more product information, visit Amazon and search ‘Kodak Minishot Era’ and ‘Kodak Mini Era’.

About Kodak

Kodak (NYSE: KODK) is a leading global manufacturer focused on commercial print and advanced materials & chemicals. With 79,000 worldwide patents earned over 130 years of R&D, we believe in the power of technology and science to enhance what the world sees and creates. Our innovative, award-winning products, combined with our customer-first approach, make us the partner of choice for commercial printers worldwide. Kodak is committed to environmental stewardship, including industry leadership in developing sustainable solutions for print.

About Prinics Co., Ltd

Prinics is a worldwide KODAK brand licensee with full rights to develop, manufacture, and sell KODAK photo printers and instant print cameras. The company successfully developed a printing technology and convenient all-in-one cartridge that are exported to majority of the countries around the world. To suit customers’ demand of optimal terms of quality, Prinics manufactures products that will be regarded as one of the best on market with rigorous quality standards.