PRIBIT Technology INC Will Participate In RSA Conference 2023

SEOUL, South Korea, April 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — PRIBIT Technology INC., a rising provider of next-generation communication security solutions, has announced its participation in RSA Conference 2023, one of the world’s most prestigious cybersecurity conferences.

PRIBIT Technology

PRIBIT Technology INC. will introduce an innovative solution to address the security challenges posed by constantly connected communication technologies.

“PacketGo”, a cloud SaaS(Software as a Service), has implemented a zero-trust approach by controlling the communication starting points, such as desktop and mobile devices. It allows for detailed policy control by identifying not only IP addresses, but also individual users, devices, and applications involved in the communication process.

Their proprietary zero-trust communication technology ensures that only authenticated users and authorized secure software can access digital resources, with all other communication blocked by default. This new approach provides reliable solutions to various issues associated with existing communication technologies.

“Data Flow Layer Identification” is their core technology, which is a groundbreaking approach to cybersecurity. They have developed the world’s first 8-layer application access control technology which added an independent “Application Flow Layer” to the OSI 7-layer model. This innovative approach provides a comprehensive defense mechanism against hacking threats by blocking them at the source.

PRIBIT Technology INC. is exploring opportunities to form strategic partnerships based on its exceptional technological capabilities. These capabilities enable the company to address fundamental issues that existing zero-trust solutions in the market have not yet been able to solve. They are optimistic that the collaborative relationship will help create a perfect zero-trust internet environment.

PRIBIT Technology CEO Yeong-Rang Kim Stated, “We plan to focus on securing global partners that can quickly apply our world-class communication technology to their businesses through this year’s RSAC.” He added, “We expect that this will be an opportunity to improve our technological capabilities and brand recognition in the overseas markets.”

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