Presenting the Mecpow X3 Series: High-Precision Laser Engravers Setting the Benchmark for Safety Performance

Laser engraving enthusiasts can confidently unleash their creativity, thanks to the elaborate safety setup of seven-layer protection

LOS ANGELES, July 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Mecpow, an up-and-coming company in the laser engraving industry, today introduces the groundbreaking X3 series of laser engravers, equipped with seven-layer protection. While other players in the market focus primarily on accuracy and power in their engravers, letting safety take a backseat, Mecpow stands out by dedicating time and resources in reliable engraving machines. They recognize the crucial role of safety for newcomers and passionate engraving hobbyists alike, and this core value is clearly exemplified by the launch of the X3 series.

With a strong focus on user protection, the X3 series incorporates a seven-tier safety system that goes beyond expectations to safeguard users during operation. It includes a key-based lock to protect against unintended use by curious kids, a flame sensor automatically triggers an alert and shuts down the machine in case of fire hazards, and a smart tilt-protection system that activates at a 45° angle. Moreover, the machines are equipped with four safety switches to enable users to take precautionary actions in any circumstances.

Apart from its outstanding safety features, the X3 series distinguishes itself from the competition with its exceptional engraving capabilities. Complemented by a fixed-focus laser, creators no longer need to invest substantial time adjusting the focus. With precision down to an astonishing 0.01mm and an incredibly small focus, these laser engravers deliver unparalleled precision.

The X3 series is also competitively priced without compromising on safety or performance. This affordability is a result of Mecpow’s dedication to providing innovative, accessible, and safe machinery and tools for engraving enthusiasts, allowing creators to explore the boundless possibilities of mechanical power. Moreover, Mecpow has plans to launch more powerful laser engravers, CNC routers, and heat press machines in the next quarter, further enriching their product lineup with practical, robust, and accessible solutions.

The X3 series will be initially available on platforms including Geekbuying (Global), Amazon (US and EU), Geekmaxi,, and Geekmall, accompanied by exciting promotional offers to enable even more enthusiasts to bring their ideas to life safely without excessive costs.

About Mecpow

Mecpow is a visionary brand that values the infinite creativity of every individual. Their mission is to empower creation by providing solutions that are innovative, accessible, and safe for everyone.