PRAZEN To Present Innovative AR Solution at AWE 2023

SEOUL, South Korea, March 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — PRAZEN (CEO/Heekyung Kim), a Korean startup specialized in optics for augmented reality (AR) products will present unique new AR glasses and an AR projector at AWE 2023 (May 31 -June 2, Santa Clara, California, USA).

The AR glasses of Prazen has a peculiar optical layout of “Direct Projection”, unlike the other previously announced AR glasses. PRAZEN’s AR optical module shows much higher light efficiency since it projects lights from micro display into the user’s eyes directly while maintaining smaller size of optical module. Up to now, most of the compact-sized AR optical modules have adopted waveguides to minimize the size of AR optical modules, however, the waveguide based optical modules are suffering from the light loss caused by the internal reflection in the waveguides and the reduced diffraction efficiency of related subparts. The light loss of the waveguide based AR glasses causes low light efficiency and dark AR images to the wearers, which let them go through uncomfortable visual experiences, just like wearing dark sunglasses in indoor darker environments. PRAZEN’s “Direct-Projection” based AR optical module eliminates the waveguides for their AR glasses, and it shows striking optical performances, highest light efficiency up to 50%, wider field of view up to 70 degrees, minimized module size up to 30cc, thinner combiner thickness up to about 2 mms.

At AWE 2023, PRAZEN will also exhibit another unique projection display based AI assistant device. It can “pop up” 27-inch sized image of an AI assistant human by voice recognition with a compact device. PRAZEN’s new AI assistant device features compact size (about 500 cc), high brightness (about 1,000 lumen), lowest throw ratio (about 0.1) and convenient voice and finger touch interaction control. It is clearly different from the existing AI speakers with flat panels (LCDs etc.), in the sense that it can show large images without any cumbersome “black” panel frames. PRAZEN’s projection based AI assistant can find its role as a smart home hub, and expand its application into a smart order system, transparent signage and automotive head up displays. The most striking feature of PRAZEN’s projection based AI assistant device is that it can be used as an augmented reality display that can be seen without wearing AR glasses, by projecting AR images directly onto the real objects.

PRAZEN is a company founded by optics experts from Samsung Electronics. They established PRAZEN after successfully finishing the “C Lab” project, Samsung’s internal spin-off program. PRAZEN secures world-class projection optical technology composed with its own optical algorithm, PRAO®, and various high-tech optical material technology. PRAZEN’s highest level optical projection technology enables the smallest optical module to have the widest projection viewing angle reaching up to 160 degrees, which exceeds the competitor’s performance by 6 times. Wide viewing angle and compact module size are the key functional factors needed desperately for AR glasses. PRAZEN has applied this optical technology to provide most competitive AR glasses and AR projectors for various applications. All the compelling application features of PRAZEN’s AR glasses and AR projectors are firmly based on the compactness of PRAZEN’s optical module that can be produced only by the PRAZEN’s own optical technology, PRAO®.

PRAZEN has developed many intriguing AR glasses based total solutions for retail, manufacturing industry, education, and healthcare area. It recently supplied AR glasses and its navigation solution to an electric kick board company, and they are in the edge of massive expansion at sight-seeing business.

PRAZEN To Present Innovative AR Solution at AWE 2023