Powin LFP Energy Storage System is UL 60730-1 certified by Intertek

SHANGHAI, June 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, the lithium IRON PHOSPHATE (LFP) electric energy storage system developed by Powin has been granted UL 60730-1 certification by Intertek, further demonstrating Powin’s relentless commitment to safety and performance.

Powin’s Intertek certified products are Stack225™, Stack230™, Stack360™ and Stack750LFP energy storage products, including modules and systems, covering a wide range of cell configurations. The UL60730-1 certificate issued by Intertek indicates that the product has passed the relevant tests of battery energy storage systems and meets the requirements of this standard in terms of safety.

Max Jin, General Manager, Intertek Electrical Northeast China, said: In recent years, the energy storage market investment scale has been increasing, the industrial chain layout has been improved, the global energy storage industry has entered a stage of rapid development. Intertek, as a global leader in total quality assurance services, is committed to the healthy development of the energy storage industry. Intertek and Powin have worked closely together in recent years. The UL60730-1 certification for Powin’s LFP energy storage system is the result of close communication and efficient cooperation between the two parties. The energy storage expert team of Intertek has conducted comprehensive technical evaluation and rigorous testing on the products. The successful passing of the test shows the high reliability of the quality of the series ofLFP battery energy storage products. The certification of Intertek will provide a strong guarantee as Powin continues to expand into international markets.

Intertek Energy Storage Systems and Converters Laboratory has a full range of professional testing equipment and a number of senior testing engineers, CNAS (China National Accreditation Committee for Conformity Assessment), A2LA (United States Accreditation Association for Laboratory), NRTL (United States National Accreditation Laboratory), CCS (Australia), MNRE (India), INMETRO (Brazil), NOM (Mexico) and BSMI (Taiwan) and other accredited laboratories, the service scope covers the entire Asia-Pacific region, for batteries, Converters/inverters and energy storage products provide global market access testing and certification services. Intertek Shanghai Laboratory is capable of testing and certifying all related standards for batteries and energy storage from consumer to industrial. Including IEC62619, IEC63056, IEC62477-1, IEC62040-1, UL1973, UL2580, UL2271, UL2743, UL 9540, UL 9540A, UL1741, etc., to provide energy storage industry customers with relevant CB and ETL certification.

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