Power up your iPhone with more shortcuts: The BANG!CASE by Bitmo Lab adds a new action button to the iPhone 14 and 15 Pro series

Bitmo Lab will run a Kickstarter campaign from April 16

HONG KONG, April 16, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Recording videos and posting them on social media, downloading pictures to create memes, recording audio, and transcribing them instantaneously. With the BANG!CASE, you can now easily control your Homekit smart home and your Tesla car with just one click—and much more. There are so many actions your phone can do by pressing a button if only you had a physical interface that allowed you to. Meet the BANG!CASE, a brand new MagSafe compatible iPhone 14 and 15 Pro series case featuring the Bang!Button, a second, customizable action button for those users looking to activate more iOS features with a button. Bitmo Lab, a new technology brand formed by JSAUX and SSPAI, a group of Chinese science and technology media, is behind the BANG!CASE and today announces its plan to run a Kickstarter campaign on April 16.

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Tired of boring iPhone 14 & 15 cases? The Bang! Case is a new iPhone 14 and 15 Pro and Pro Max case sporting a retro-futuristic design and including its own motherboard and power supply that adds a unique feature. The Bang! Button, located just beneath the Home button, adds a second action button (or the first one, for iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max users) to your phone, letting you enjoy multiple shortcuts on your iPhone via Bluetooth with just a press.

Unlike the action button on the iPhone 15 Pro and the iPhone 15 Pro Max, the Bang Button supports up to three functions: you can configure it for single, double, and long presses to execute a wide array of shortcuts. Shortcuts allow you to execute a series of tasks on your Apple device with just one tap. With sophisticated programming, it can perform nearly any function you desire, but don’t worry, we’ve already prepared everything for you at PlayBook.


Show off your iPhone 14 and 15 Pro or Pro Max with a retro-futuristic design that blends form and function. Thanks to its own power supply and an integrated motherboard, the BANG!CASE will power up your iPhone thanks to a myriad of shortcuts Take advantage of the Bang! Button to enhance your iPhone 14 and 15 Pro and Pro Max experience for taking pictures, recording voice memos, or opening apps such as Notion, Tesla, or Notes. You can learn more about shortcuts, how they work and how to add them to your iPhone in this link. Add the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max action button to your iPhone 14 and discover a new way to open apps or activate other features in your phone with the press of a button. Charge your phone wirelessly thanks to the Bang! Case MagSafe compatibility. Configure up to three different functionalities to your phone thanks to the Bang! Button, which allows you to set actions for one press, two presses and a long button press.


You can download pictures and other information about the BANG!CASE at this link.


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