Portable Power with 4G/5G Connectivity is Now Possible with NIKOTA META-2000

HONG KONG, Nov. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — NIKOTA is an innovative team gaining attention for its highly focused development of portable power solutions. They are proud to announce the launch of META-2000, a revolutionary 2016Wh portable power station with ultra-long battery life and high-speed internet connectivity. With a compact design that weighs just 16KG, offering a variety of output ports for flexible charging options, and the unprecedented ability to provide 4G and 5G internet, Meta-2000 is the ultimate portable power station for outdoor activities, emergency backup, or remote work. Now users have a way to go off-grid, stay connected, and powered up. This exciting new power station with a 5-year warranty will be available from November 15th, 2022, on Kickstarter.

“Travel and recreation often mean going off-grid and away from essential connections to friends, family, and work. We designed META-2000 to be more than just a high-capacity, reliable backup power unit – we gave it the power of connectivity, with high-speed 4G/ 5G capability. Whether you just want to stream a video while out camping, or if you want the convenience of working remotely, META-2000 can handle all your needs.”  NIKOTA Founder.

META-2000 has a wide range of impressive features that make it the best-in-class portable power station.

4G/5G internet

META-2000 uses a sim card or an ethernet cable to achieve 4G, 5G capability, allowing users to work, watch movies, play games, or simply keep in touch for added peace of mind.

16KG Compact Body & 2016Wh Capacity

META-2000 weighs 27% less than the competition, making it easier to take with you on any adventure. With 2016Wh/2300W of clean sine wave output, META-2000 has plenty of power and diversified output ports including USB-C, Car Charger, USB-A, AC, and more. It has enough power to charge a laptop 39 times or a smartphone up to 127 times.

1.5 Hours Fast Recharging

META-2000 features five flexible recharging modes including solar, wind, car charging, charging via a generator, or using AC power. The power station fully recharges in 4 hours using solar and just 1.5 hours with AC fast recharging. With bi-directional inverter technology, intelligent temperature control, and eight built-in safety systems, META-2000 ensures the safety of people and devices at all times.

Power 13 Devices

All your daily charging needs are easily handled via output from numerous ports that can keep up to 13 devices powered simultaneously.

Three Light Sources

Made with off-grid and outdoor situations in mind, META-2000 has three essential LED light sources. It includes an environmentally safe mosquito repellent light, an LED spotlight, and an atmosphere light, making it perfect for camping.

NIKOTA META-2000 represents the next generation of portable power. It gives users the dependability and convenience of reliable backup power and the ability to access the internet. META-2000 is the perfect portable power solution for modern life, and it is available now with special pricing and incentives for early adopters.


NIKOTA is a green power company headquartered in China’s Greater Bay Area. NIKOTA has been committed to providing clean, stable, safe and efficient portable power solutions for the home, outdoor, emergency and other fields. It also continuously delivers innovative products to users around the world, striving to meet the needs of a changing world.

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