POOLS Phone entered Mid-range Phone Market with the 1st KPOP’s first digital humanoid group, Hunters

– The Hunters starts their activities with POOLS Phone exclusive model contract

HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam, Nov. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — PLAYGROUND PLANET has revealed all members of the Hunters boyband – the project that has been kept a secret for a long time. Hunters pre-released the digital version of their song <Hunters> as an NFT in July, which drew much attention, with 300,000 people signing up for the NFT Music Airdrop event at the time. Since then, the song <Hunters> has been published on Spotify and Apple Music, piquing the public’s interest in the singer who performs it.

Even before their debut, the band formally agreed to a contract as an exclusive model. With a five-member lineup that includes leader Aaron and members Caley, Lamis, Tomo, and Ted, Hunters band is the first K-POP digital boyband that is anticipated to bring fresh air into the music business.

The POOLS Phone, for which Hunters signed an exclusive model agreement, is a mid-range and low-cost phone with various features built on the Web 3.0 platform. Southeast Asia, South America, and Africa are expected to receive the majority of its marketing efforts. The manufacturer of the POOLS Phone stated that Cloud users would be able to freely share platforms and function in a decentralized way to establish a Dapp ecosystem through Web 3.0.

Regarding the reason for selecting Hunters as models, the company said, “We have been looking for a promotional model that fits the keyword of innovation, and Hunters, who retain their mysteriousness like POOLS Phone, is considered to be the best partner to convey the image of POOLS Phone.”

Furthermore, a POOLS Phone official stated, “We plan to accelerate our entry into markets in line with the newly emerging Web 3.0 era through synergy with the KPOP’s first digital humanoid group, the Hunters.” 

Hunters began their activities as a POOLS Phone exclusive model. They also plan to work through various content, including the defense game Guardian Hunters, music, webtoons, and concerts on the metaverse platform Another Universe. The boyband shared that they would love to communicate with their fans from Korea and around the world via their global fan club, which is “Peace”.


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