The trailblazing domain company offers innovation and trusted protection for trademarks and brands in a decentralized Web3 world

TURKS and CAICOS, Jan. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Pool.com has relaunched as a Web3 domain name company, providing brands the software and services to mint names on the blockchain and manage the sale of second-level names. The new Pool.com directly addresses concerns expressed over the unregulated approach taken by other Web3 companies. 

Building on its nearly 25 years of experience as a leading technology, Internet naming and web policy company, Pool.com brings trusted expertise and is perfectly positioned to be the on-ramp to Web3. 

“Right now, Web3 offers too much anarchy and too few assurances to companies anxious to begin building their presence,” said Rob Hall, CEO of the new Pool.com. “We offer all the innovative upside with protections for brand holders.”

Here are four:

There is a sunrise period. A sunrise period, ending March 10, 2023, for brand holders. Any brand not on that list can self-certify and be added for free. Financial advisory firm, Deloitte, will validate each mark at the time of registration.

There is oversight. Criticism of potential abuse or misuse of the Web3 names will be managed by an innovative approach to government oversight. Pool.com will give authority to the G20 nations to decide if a name should be burned. The plan will give keys to each nation and require that 15 agree on the penalty. 

There is collaboration with Web2. Pool.com will mitigate the potential for collision with the ICANN top level domains or those in Web3 minted by Impossible Domains or ENS.  It will not duplicate any of them unless it is at the request of the current owner.

There is loss prevention. There will be a renewal fee for domains registered for an initial two-year period. This will ensure that whether a key is lost or a domain is no longer in use, it is not lost to the original registrant or the pool of potential names. 

“The world can no longer keep pace with the technology or business initiatives driving the decentralized web,” Hall said. “Brands shouldn’t have to navigate the chaos of what comes next without expert help.”

Companies can safely invest in Pool.com to provide the building blocks of their own Web3 domain and allow their customers to control their digital identity and data, log seamlessly into applications and create real value and rich experiences in the metaverse.

“We have a long history in the legacy world of centralized domain name control,” said Hall. “That world can no longer keep pace with the technology or business initiatives driving the decentralized web. Pool.com can.”

For more information and register your Web3 names, visit www.pool.com

Access to Pool drop catching services is now found at www.pooldomains.com,

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