PONSSE Manager 2.0 gathers digital offering into one package

VIEREMÄ, Finland, Jan. 31, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — PONSSE Manager 2.0. is a next-generation digital service platform and forest machine management system that provides customers valuable data of machines’ location, productivity figures and fuel consumption, among others. The PONSSE Manager monitors the progress of stands, plans, and manages machine transportation, keep track of machine outputs according to assortment and print out measuring certificates.

“With the quick tempo of the modern world and the huge amount of data we see every day, finding the correct piece of information is often like trying to find a needle in the haystack. New Ponsse Manager is a completely new approach to more sustainable and more digitalized forestry,” says Petteri Tuomisto, Manager of Digital Solutions Sales.

It’s time to take you back to the driver’s seat

Miika Soininen, Chief Digital Officer of Ponsse comments: “We want to support our customers, so that they can run their business successfully. This has been the guiding principle, how we have designed new Ponsse Manager. All the development has been based on customer feedback and customer needs from all over the world.”

In Ponsse Manager 2.0, the user can create a personalized home page focusing on the most important data. Every important information is visible immediately, variations can be discovered quickly, and corrective action can be taken directly. With the single sign-on, all digital solutions required to improve operational efficiency and productivity are at the user’s disposal in one web address. PONSSE Manager keeps customers up to date on data that affects their machines’ profitability and helps improve operations’ efficiency. 
One of the new key features is the possibility to download all reports and, e.g. combine them in a spreadsheet with other data to create new valuable views of your operations. Mobile applications will also be available to download for free from your app store. “The mobile app is easy to use on site, with all required functionalities available for professionals working in different roles,” says Jenni Pulkkinen, Product Owner Digital Solutions.

Ponsse is developing its digital solutions together with its customers. The digital innovations address the right issues and provide relevant support for both professionals working on-site and those responsible for smooth and efficient fleet management.

For more information, contact:

Petteri Tuomisto
Manager, Digital Solutions Sales
Tel. +358 40 5289835, [email protected]

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