POLYSHINE SOLAR Lightweight Solar Panel Shines at the Intersolar Europe 2024

SHANGHAI, June 21, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — On June 21, 2024, the 3-day Intersolar Europe Munich Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition in Germany came to an end. POLYSHINE SOLAR showcased its innovative lightweight photovoltaic module products, contributing Chinese wisdom to the global development of green energy.


Many infrastructure buildings in Europe, due to their early construction time, generally have insufficient load-bearing capacity and cannot withstand the weight of 15-20kg/㎡ of traditional glass photovoltaics; And the curved shape of the building has also become a hassle in the traditional installation process of glass photovoltaics.

For this reason, POLYSHINE SOLAR has launched innovative products such as “Jingyao Series Lightweight Solar Panels” and “Balcony Photovoltaic Lightweight Solar Panels”, and has obtained certifications such as TUV, CQC, CE, and RETIE. Its weight is less than 30% of traditional glass solar panels, with a bending radius of up to 0.5m, and it adopts a convenient installation method that will not cause damage to the original structure of the roof. It perfectly meets the installation requirements of photovoltaic modules in the European market, such as light load, curved response, and non perforated installation.


The special materials independently developed by POLYSHINE SOLAR enable the product to have super strong weather resistance, fearless of extreme weather tests; Make the flame retardant grade of the product reach building B1 level&UL94-V0, and make the product last for 25 years with long-lasting weather resistance; Can make the bending modulus of the solar panel reach 1300MPa, surpassing competitors by 100%, reducing the problem of hidden cracks in the battery; At the same time, the material also has super strong resistance to UV yellowing and super long resistance to moisture and heat, which can significantly reduce the efficiency degradation rate of the components; And the transmittance of the front side fof the panel is ≥ 91%, and the conversion efficiency of the solar panels exceeds 22%, improving the conversion efficiency between sunlight and electricity.

POLYSHINE SOLAR also showcased lightweight balcony photovoltaic modules. It adopts a convenient installation method of tie fixing, which can be easily installed and used by one person. It is widely used in balcony spaces of various residential and commercial buildings, meeting the needs of households for photovoltaic power generation. For more information about POLYSHINE, please visit www.polyshinesolar.com.

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