Pixelworks Hosts Inaugural Mobile Visual Computing Event; Unveils Latest X7 Gen 2 Mobile Visual Processor

Unlocking the Future of Mobile Visual Processing with Ecosystem Solution based on Image Rendering Accelerator and Distributed Computing Architecture

SHENZHEN, China, Oct. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Pixelworks, Inc. (NASDAQ: PXLW), a leading provider of visual processing solutions, today hosted its first Mobile Visual Computing and launch event in Shenzhen, China. The event focused on four fundamental elements of visual performance for mobile devices: technology, product, ecosystem and experience. At the event, Pixelworks also unveiled its X7 Gen 2 visual processor, which is uniquely designed for superior mobile gaming. Building on the success of its X7 product, the Pixelworks X7 Gen 2 processor continues the use of an innovative distributed computing architecture that offloads intensive graphics rendering from the GPU to enable highly immersive gaming and achieve PC-level visual experiences on mobile devices.

AI-based super resolution dramatically improves image rendering efficiency of mobile gaming.

The traditional approach to visual processing in mobile devices relies solely on the application processor to deliver both graphics rendering and other critical system-level processing. In mobile gaming, this architecture limits the processing resources available for improvements in picture quality and increases power consumption.

Pixelworks’ visual computing solution eliminates this fundamental pain point through its distributed computing architecture, while also utilizing innovative AI-base Super-Resolution to boost both the frame rate and resolution of gaming content. This results in an ultra-smooth mobile gaming experience with excellent visual quality and optimal power efficiency.

X7 Gen 2: a new milestone for Pixelworks’ mobile gaming solutions

The incorporation of Pixelworks’ new self-developed, AI-based Super-Resolution technology utilizes neural network algorithms, which enables the X7 Gen 2 to scale picture quality up to 2K resolution. Ultra-Low Latency MotionEngine® technology boosts the frame rate of games by up to 4x, delivering superior picture quality for lower-frame-rate games and enhancing stable performance for high-frame-rate games. Finally, an advanced picture quality engine further enhances the color accuracy and details, contributing to a more stunning and immersive HDR visual experiences for end users. With these combined features, the X7 Gen 2 delivers a superior cinematic gaming experience.

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From rendering to display, Pixelworks’ comprehensive image rendering accelerator ensures reproduction of the original artistic intent of game developers (studios).

For game developers, Pixelworks’ proprietary Rendering Accelerator SDK provides the ability to fully leverage the visual processing algorithmic functions in the processor. This capability facilitates seamless enhancement of visual quality throughout the production-to-display lifecycle of mobile games. Pixelworks’ Rendering Accelerator SDK has already been integrated into numerous mobile games, including One Piece Fighting Path, Crystal of Atlan, Total Football, Persona 5: The Phantom X, and Revelation Mobile. The Pixelworks image rendering accelerator was designed to span the full gaming ecosystem – from content to display – and this innovative solution continues to gain widespread recognition among well-known game developers.

IRX gaming experience redefines the performance and picture quality benchmarks for mobile gaming.

Specific to mobile gaming applications, end users not only expect game developers and smartphone manufacturers to consistently provide high picture quality, high-clarity and high-frame-rate visuals, but also to meet certain performance requirements such as moderated power consumption and low latency. Achieving all of these attributes simultaneously requires strong rendering and characteristic tuning capabilities for the display of games on mobile devices. Delivering this performance forms the basis of Pixelworks’ IRX gaming experience brand. With the accumulated technical expertise in image rendering and display technologies as well as practices from specific tuning services with characteristic of different games, the IRX brand represents high visual performance and top-notch display quality for various types of games on mobile devices. In addition, the IRX gaming experience brand serves as the gateway that connects the Pixelworks ecosystem with mobile gamers by promoting a standardized approach to easily evaluate visual display performance and identify high-quality mobile gaming experiences – helping consumers to make smarter choices when purchasing a smartphone.

“As a game developer, the user’s gaming experience is always our top priority.” said Dan Xu, Vice President of Perfect World Games. “To ensure excellent visual quality of heavy-load games on mobile devices, we have to overcome the limitation of power consumption to deliver high-quality visual experiences comparable to playing games on PCs, while minimizing heat dissipation and the impact on battery life. This has been a longstanding challenge and persistent pain point for us. Traditional rendering methods limit the ability to improve the picture quality of high-load mobile games. Therefore, we are encouraged by Pixelworks’ innovative solution that presents new possibilities for overcoming the limits of legacy hardware performance and picture quality for mobile gaming. We look forward to continuing our cooperation with Pixelworks in the future and bringing high-quality mobile gaming experiences to a broader array of devices.”

“It is a great pleasure to formally introduce Pixelworks’ latest visual computing solution.” said Ting Xiong, President of Pixelworks China. “The X7 Gen 2 is the latest result of the Company’s technology expertise and continuous R&D focusing on mobile visual processing optimization. Our goal is to identify pain points from customers and consumers, then use advanced algorithms and low power SoC architectures to provide optimal solutions for specific visual application use cases, empowering our customers to deliver the best visual experience to consumers. This belief is fully reflected in the distributed computing architecture and AI-based Super-Resolution enabled by our new X7 Gen 2 visual processor. We give game developers powerful rendering accelerator features to optimize the visual display of games, which provides consumers with the optimal high-quality visual performance inherent of the IRX gaming experience.”

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