PitPat Redefines running and Makes Online Racing a Form of Training

HOUSTON, Dec. 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — While traditional users still train on treadmills, PitPat has created a new running trend: by connecting treadmills through the PitPat App, you can participate in official running races, compete for rankings on a level playing field, and earn the final race bonuses. The PitPat team has been adding anti-cheating functions to make the race fairer and more challenging. The team leader believes that this will usher in a new era for the treadmill, with each runner about to usher in a new world.

PitPat is developed by JoyFit, a sports equipment professional team. It is used on STARPOWER treadmill designed by JoyFit. Each user of the treadmill can choose the functions of the treadmill according to their own needs. If it is simply used for running, it can be used by connecting the power supply. If you need to participate in a course or an online contest, you need to connect to the PitPat App. This is a great function to show each user’s running performance through the race, and the online format makes the race format more flexible and can be entered at every time period.

Based on the current PitPat format, there are Multi-Player Run, 1VS1 PK Run, Ranking Challenge Run and monthly Milestone Run ranked by total mileage. At present, there are more than 60 races in the whole day, which are distributed in the time period when runners often use the treadmill. Up to 2,000 runners can participate in the race at the same time. In the 1VS1 PK Run, you can choose your friends or invite a user to launch a 1VS1 PK Run at random, and the winner will get race bonuses. In addition, if users access the PitPat App before running, they can click the milestone for data statistics. Even if they are just running every day, the accumulated mileage can be counted in the Milestone Run. Other types of events are being prepared to launch, allowing users of all running abilities to participate.

If you run a race on PitPat, you can not only test your training but also feel the atmosphere of a running race. Through the immersive 3D animation effect, you can feel the pleasure of exceeding others and sprinting to the limit, which will be a new experience in using the treadmill, making running no longer a lonely and monotonous activity.

According to the PitPat team, they will develop more products for online races, and the new brand is already in operation, which will bring new changes to the fitness market.

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