Ping An Health Wins Good Design Award for Its Innovative Design

SHANGHAI, Nov. 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Ping An Health was recently honored with Japan’s Good Design Award, commonly known as the “The oriental Oscar Award of Design”, for its outstanding innovation design and user-friendly design.

Recognized as one of the leading design awards worldwide and the most prestigious in Asia, the Japan Good Design Award bases its selections on key criteria including “Humanity”, “Essence”, “Creativity”, “Charm”, and “Ethics.” Award recipients are celebrated for their innovation in design, offering solutions to common challenges when seeking medical services.

In line with this year’s theme, “The Power to Make Society Better,” Ping An Health’s One Minute Clinic stands as a testament to human-centric design. This initiative is notably China’s first proprietary, commercially operated medical and healthcare intelligent terminal. Compact in design, the clinic spans less than 3 square meters, housing an advanced medicine cabinet and a private consultation space. The clinic harnesses Ping An’s AI-driven diagnostic and treatment capabilities, combined with cutting-edge voice recognition technology in healthcare. This setup seamlessly connects users to a vast network of approximately 50,000 internal and affiliated medical professionals, encompassing doctors, fitness experts, nutritionists, and mental health counselors across 22 departments. The One Minute Clinic epitomizes efficiency, offering a range of services from online consultations and prescription issuance to medication procurement, all in a singular, integrated platform.

As a result, the One Minute Clinic earned significant recognition and praise from several judges at the competition. They lauded its innovative design as a one-stop remote terminal, allowing patients to engage in medical consultations and purchase medications in a single, convenient location. Importantly, the platform is especially beneficial for residents in remote areas with limited resources, offering them new avenues for accessing healthcare services. This is made possible through effective collaborations with technology and healthcare providers.

Ping An Health remains committed to its patient-centered ethos, executing an innovative business model that integrates Managed Care, Family Doctor Membership Programs, and Online-to-Offline (O2O) Healthcare Services. Central to this model is the Family Doctor Membership, which orchestrates a seamless blend of online and offline services, bridging in-hospital and out-of-hospital care, and encompassing both medical treatment and overall health management. This approach culminates in a comprehensive, full-cycle service management system. Supported by a robust network of suppliers, advanced service structures, a variety of payment methods, and a strong ecosystem, Ping An Health is swiftly expanding into the corporate health management market. This expansion enables the provision of professional, high-quality, and comprehensive health management services tailored to meet the needs of corporate clients.

Committed to high-quality and sustainable growth, Ping An Health continues to drive innovation in healthcare. Leveraging scientific and technological advancements, coupled with creative design, the company focuses on consistently enhancing its offerings. This strategy aims to boost the efficiency and accessibility of healthcare services, addressing the diverse requirements of various population segments.