PillWork’s Upcoming Launch and its Landmark Partnership with Precision Nutrition Association

SEOUL, South Korea, Nov. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — With much anticipation surrounding its impending release, PillWork officially announces its launch scheduled for the end of 2023. An integral part of this excitement is the company’s crucial alliance with the esteemed Precision Nutrition Association. This Association champions a merger of medical science with the latest in IT, envisioning healthcare extending beyond traditional clinics into daily life. Leveraging genetic analysis and data science, it stands at the frontier of delivering truly personalized health services.

PillWork powering personalized healthcare at your fingertips.

Gone are the days of anecdotal health advice. The era of precision nutrition—anchored in scientific evidence, genetic data, and lifestyle habits—is upon us. The Association, a confluence of experts from the medical, nutritional, food science, genetics, big data, and IT domains, is committed to offering bespoke health management services. Their mission, achieved by amalgamating advanced tech and expert insights, focuses on enriching public health. By merging dietary habits, lifestyle, clinical data, and genetics with big data and digital healthcare technology, they aim to satisfy consumers’ demand for individualized health promotion.

Precision Nutrition Association’s objectives encompass the development of big data tailored for personalized nutritional management, standardization of nutritional indicators, formation of external cooperation networks, fostering academic research through industry-academia collaborations, hosting seminars and discussions, initiating expert training and certification programs. Additionally, they plan to implement national projects and pioneer ESG activities.

The collaboration between PillWork and the Precision Nutrition Association deeply aligns with both entities’ core values. “Incorporating PillWork’s technological capabilities with the Association’s expansive knowledge promises to set a new benchmark in personalized nutrition. As we countdown to our launch at the end of 2023, this partnership epitomizes our unwavering dedication to holistic health,” articulated Mr. Young Cho, Global Lead at PillWork.

Prioritizing community, PillWork envisions creating a platform where users can meaningfully connect, share experiences, and grow. The synergy between these two powerhouses ensures an enriched user journey, underpinned by knowledge, innovation, and trust.

For more insights into this transformative partnership and to explore what PillWork will offer, visit www.aboutpillwork.com.