PETLIBRO Introduces the One RFID Pet Feeder for Personalized Pet Meals

Harnessing innovative RFID pet recognition technology, PETLIBRO’s latest smart feeder relieves mealtime stress in multi-pet households.

SAN JOSE, Calif., Jan. 25, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — PETLIBRO, a leading US smart pet supply brand, has unveiled the latest addition to its innovative product line – the One RFID Pet Feeder. The state-of-the-art pet feeder, equipped with radio frequency identification (RFID) pet recognition technology, sets a new standard for managing individual needs in multi-pet households.

PETLIBRO’s latest feeder uses RFID pet recognition technology to accurately identify a designated pet before feeding

“We aim to give the most personal feeding experience to each pet,” said York Wu, Founder and CEO of PETLIBRO. “We know the dinner rush in a multi-pet home can be a stressful experience when there are specific diets, unique personalities, and eating habits to consider. We want to help make these daily moments easier for pets and their people.”

Pet Identification with RFID Technology

The One RFID Pet Feeder confirms a pet’s identity through an RFID tag that’s placed on their collar, before opening the food bowl lid for food to be served. This ensures individual pets receive the right nutrition at the right time, and addresses prevalent challenges common in multi-pet households, including food theft, food aggression, weight management, and the need to separate prescription food.

Monitor Eating Habits for Peace of Mind

With a lifetime log that records the time and frequency of meals, pet parents have full visibility of how much food their pets consume. In the dedicated PETLIBRO app, this mealtime data can be filtered by days, weeks, or months, and generate useful insights for a better understanding of a pet’s eating habits. This may also raise awareness towards abnormal pet eating patterns for earlier intervention.

Customizable Portions and Convenient Scheduling

With the ability to schedule up to 10 meals per day, pet owners can easily adjust feeding schedules according to their pets’ needs. Each meal can be adjusted according to the number of portions pet owners choose (1/8 cup per meal), ensuring precise and tailored feeding for each pet. 

Enhancing Personality and Safety

With the PETLIBRO app, pet parents can sync their pet’s name to the One RFID Pet Feeder’s LED display, illuminating the room with their pet’s presence. In addition, the dedicated collar also features a QR code with the pet’s information and owner’s contact information, making it easier for pets to reunite with their owners if they get lost.

Priced at $149.99 with the inclusion of one collar tag, the One RFID Feeder is available at PETLIBRO’s official website and Amazon.


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