PDFgear’s New ChatGPT-Powered Feature Allows Users to Chat with PDFs

LOS ANGELES, April 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The PDF software company PDFgear is rolling out a revolutionary feature for the Windows version of their hero product PDFgear Desktop, it’s an AI-powered technology called PDF Chatbot that allows users to interact with PDF documents as if they were human. PDFgear is the very first PDF company that integrates AI with offline PDF software.

Today, PDFgear is bringing PDF software to the next generation with the Chatbot feature powered by the GPT-3.5-turbo AI model, and the developer team is now strenuously working on the GPT-4 integration.

While there are already some services that enable chatting with PDF documents, PDFgear Chatbot stands out by providing a more comprehensive set of advanced features, including but not limited to:

Completely safe from cyber risks Progress tracking to resume from where users left off Integrated with PDF editing features Merge PDFs to chat with multiple documents

With PDFgear Chatbot, users get to intuitively understand what any PDF is about, by directly and intuitively “chatting” with PDFgear Chatbot. “What is this PDF about”, or “Summarize the PDF”, for instance, and the PDF information extraction process is full automation.

What is PDFgear Chatbot?

PDFgear Chatbot is an exceptional way to discover knowledge from lengthy PDF documents, such as books, textbooks, essays, manuals, etc. An AI chatbot is built into the PDF editor PDFgear and helps pull information from the imported PDF documents and summarize it into digestible sentences.

Through traditional ways of reading or learning from PDFs, users need to spend hours or even days flipping through thousands of PDF pages, and manually summarizing the key information. Now with the PDFgear Chatbot feature, users will be able to acquire vital information in a matter of seconds.

The Pricing of PDFgear Chatbot

While PDFgear Desktop uses the Chatgpt-3.5 AI model, which is implemented using the costly API, the program and the Chatbot feature are completely free, which is quite impressive.

It does sound too good to be true, but according to our interview with the PDFgear developer team, PDFgear now focuses more on the growth of its user base, and they may consider bringing in cost-effective pricing models that mainly target high-volume usage in the future (e.g., for business use). This pricing model is undoubtedly trouble-free and beneficial to average users.

Why Choose PDFgear Over Online Chatbots?

The debate between online and offline Chatbots is always on the table. Simply put, PDFgear Chatbot and online chatbots function in similar ways, but on different platforms. The most conspicuous difference is that web-based PDF chatbots store the questions and PDF files on web servers, while PDFgear is a desktop application that works locally, it doesn’t store user files/data on the server and is cleared from cyber risks.

PDF chatbot users are in dire need of progress tracking and it isn’t available yet, but it’s now already possible on PDFgear Chatbot. If users finish a dialog and get back to the PDFgear program later, the previous questions and answers will be kept, and users can proceed with the earlier workflow. We find it extremely helpful for students and office workers.

The well-experienced developer team members resulted in more accurate PDF analysis and support for OCR and image-based PDFs, which are things that online PDF chatbots fail to offer. Moreover, using the built-in PDF merger feature in PDFgear Desktop allows users to get holistic answers from multiple PDF documents.

How Does PDFgear Chatbot Work?

Working with the ChatGPT model, PDFgear Chatbot extracts information from the entire PDF document and analyzes the contained information automatically. Users can easily find the Chatbot feature from the right side of the PDF viewer & editor screen, and all users need to do is to import the PDF document into the PDFgear Desktop application and ask away.

Once enabled, the Chatbot feature will automatically analyze your document and generate three questions that are highly correlated with the PDF. It’s quite like what we experience from the Bing chat, related questions that highly match the PDF information will be automatically provided so users don’t even have to think of it themselves.

Additionally, users are also allowed to input any query text to directly chat with the Chatbot feature, and PDFgear Desktop will provide the comprehensive answer to their questions shortly. By the time of our testing, they can ask up to 50 questions a day.

In a nutshell, PDFgear PDF Chatbot is the PDF-based version of ChatGPT, the only difference is that ChatGPT uses knowledge from the internet, while PDFgear Chatbot “learns” from PDFs.

What Can Users Do with PDFgear PDF Chatbot?

Comprehend books and handouts in seconds Improve business efficiency by understanding documents faster Generate the outline for a long article or essay Get insights from the automatically suggested questions Try other related questions for fun

As with working with ChatGPT and other popular AI utilities, there are no limitations in using this technology of the next era, brainstorm about what users may want to know about their PDF documents, and ask away!

Packed with PDF Editing Features

In case users didn’t notice yet, PDFgear Desktop is a full-featured PDF reader and editor that allows users to conduct various PDF management purposes.

So if users want to markup or add annotations to the information that PDFgear Chatbot finds for users, the PDF highlight, annotation, comments, free drawing, and image inserting features will come in handy.

And with the PDFgear PDF merger tool, users can combine multiple PDF documents into one, and use the Chatbot feature to ask questions from all of the PDFs, multiple PDF files at one go.

Moreover, when users work with a good deal of large PDF essays or business documents, the PDFgear PDF compressor tool will help users significantly save their device’s storage.

Privacy Concerns

For those who care about privacy (which users probably should), one of the major rough edges of AI chat tools is that they’ll never know if their secret questions will be put on the street. They may rest assured that PDFgear never saves any private user data.

But users don’t need to worry about that when using PDFgear Chatbot, the questions, and related user data will not be stored remotely. Messages and data sent to PDFgear are transferred to ChatGPT under encryption, and user data, imported PDF files, and chat information will not be stored on their server whatsoever.


As of the writing of the press, the PDFgear Chatbot is only on the latest official release of PDFgear Desktop for Windows, which works on Windows 11 and Windows 10 devices.

According to the PDFgear developer team, the support for the Chatbot feature on PDFgear Desktop for Mac and PDFgear mobile app is on schedule.

About PDFgear

PDFgear Desktop is a highly rated and well-received PDF editor application, earlier this year, Lifewire.com recommended PDFgear Desktop as the best free PDF editor software. The resounding shoutouts for PDFgear in the Apple App Store, on the other hand, are a sign that this brand is steadily establishing its position in the PDF industry.

PDFgear Chatbot goes viral on Reddit since it was released. A large number of Redditors have been participating in the discussion of this new-AI-integrated PDF editor and reader.

Website: https://www.pdfgear.com