PAWAii Caremi Fountain Records Impressive Numbers After Its Initial Launch on Indiegogo

WILMINGTON, Del., Feb. 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Pawaii recently launched its newest mobile smart pet water fountain on Indiegogo, and the feedback has been nothing short of impressive. The product, which is designed to help pet owners protect and entertain their pets, recorded a massive 200% crowdfunding target in the first 15 hours of its launch.

Caremi Mobile Smart Pet Water Fountain

According to the head of the sales team, the turnout was clearly above what they had expected. “We expected that pet owners would take in this product. However, what we did not prepare for was the massive turnout in the first few hours.”  Recall that Pawaii partnered with Waterdrop to design and manufacture the Caremi Mobile Smart Pet Water Fountain as another smart eco-product dedicated to pets and their families.

The water fountain combines science and technology to give pets and their owners the best experience possible. Its unique selling point over traditional water fountains is the proprietary app, which allows pet owners to monitor the water intake data of their pets using the smart weighing module included in the system. With this data, pet owners can keep track of their pet’s health and offer the necessary help promptly where required.

The collaboration with Waterdrop ensured that the Caremi fountain has an inbuilt NSF-certified water filter that filters out all harmful impurities from the water. Besides, the fountain also performs a UV cycle sterilization to ensure only clean, healthy, and fresh water is dispensed to pets whenever and wherever.

In terms of official numbers, the Caremi Mobile Smart Pet Water Fountain has reached the target of 200% in only the first 15 hours of its launch. These unprecedented numbers are another pointer to the fact that the product ticks all the right boxes. In addition, the system has a wireless and water-electricity separation design, which makes it suitable for free placement.

It is still the early days, but the team at Pawaii is very confident that this smart pet water fountain will perform even better. “By our estimation and what we have seen in the first 15 hours of launch, the Caremi Mobile Smart Pet Water Fountain will go all the way to record even better numbers.” The head of the sales team also added that intending customers should look out for amazing deals on the product on top platforms soon.

You can check out more PAWAii Caremi Mobile Smart Pet Water Fountain features on the PAWAii website or Indiegogo.