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SHANGHAI, Nov. 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On October 24th-26th, the 2023 Parcel+Post Expo was held grandly in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.  Recognized as one of the leading global events for the world’s parcel delivery, e-commerce logistics, and postal industries, PARCEL+POST EXPO serves as the primary exhibition for showcasing the latest technologies, innovations, software, solutions, and services in parcel delivery, e-commerce logistics, and postal services.

During the three-day event, WallTech Information Technology Co., Ltd, with its two flagship logistics software products: CargoWare – international freight forwarding software cloud service, and eTower – cross-border e-commerce logistics collaborative cloud service, welcomed visitors from around the world at booth 12.306 in Hall 12, RAI Amsterdam.

Liu Feng, Director of the Digital Working Committee of the CIFA (China International Freight Forwarders Association) and Chief Product Officer of WallTech, delivered a speech at the Parcel+Post Expo Innovation Forum. In his speech, Liu addressed the topic: “Development and Trend of Cross-Border E-commerce Logistics in China.” Liu Feng shared insights as a senior logistics digital expert regarding the transformations, opportunities, and trends in the world’s e-commerce industry, along with China’s intelligent logistics SAAS solutions.

Liu highlighted that China’s cross-border e-commerce has experienced explosive growth in the past decade. Leveraging its manufacturing strengths and digital innovation capabilities, China has collaborated closely with global trading partners to elevate the global cross-border e-commerce industry.

Some key takeaways from Liu’s speech:

E-commerce growth spurs logistics innovation and expansion. Cross-border e-commerce increases international logistics challenges and importance. Logistics strategies evolve from market expansion to integration and refinement. Emerging markets offer new global expansion opportunities, especially for Chinese exporting logistics. WallTech’s cloud services facilitate cross-border business growth and reduce digital barriers in logistics.

At the expo, Liu was also interviewed by the event host – Uki Media & Event. During the interview, Liu noted that an increasing number of traditional brands are venturing into the e-commerce sector, particularly in cross-border e-commerce. As a result, more brands will attract a larger pool of buyers, and, in turn, there will be a growing demand for cross-border logistics services.

With diminishing international trade barriers, global consumer connectivity is strengthening. Over the next decade, the expanding global population and burgeoning middle class are poised to fuel cross-border e-commerce growth, propelled by advancements in logistics and payment technologies. The World Trade Organization forecasts that by 2030, global cross-border e-commerce could soar to $30 trillion, growing annually at over 20%.

Despite global economic uncertainties, cross-border e-commerce, particularly in emerging markets like Asia and Africa, shows robust potential, driven by a rising demand for quality, affordable international products. By 2030, Asia is expected to dominate over 45% of this market. To meet evolving consumer demands for convenience, diversity, and personalized services, cross-border e-commerce platforms are increasingly turning to technologies such as AI, big data analytics, and blockchain for enhanced service delivery and customer experience. Concurrently, growing environmental consciousness is making sustainability and green practices critical competitive factors in this industry.

Reflecting on recent trends, the International Monetary Fund reports that the global cross-border e-commerce market reached $2.6 trillion in 2021, growing at over 17% annually. Additionally, Statista data shows that China’s cross-border e-commerce imports grew by 31.1% from 2019 to 2020, reaching $185.1 billion.”

WallTech offers all-around software solutions tailored to different international logistics sectors, fostering diversified business development in various dimensions:

Globalization: Leveraging global cloud infrastructure, companies can operate without geographical restrictions and collaborate with partners worldwide. Cost-Effective Service Establishment: Through public cloud deployment, businesses can join the platform at low costs and access a shared, highly redundant infrastructure. Data Security and Compliance: WallTech prioritizes data security and compliance, investing significantly in these areas.

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WallTech, founded in 2011, is an industry leading SaaS platform development and software service provider for cross-border logistics and supply chain management. WallTech focus on the cloud-based software service for international freight forwarders and cross-border eCommerce logistics service providers.  We are committed to the application of SaaS technology in the industry and strives to become the most trustworthy platform in the world. WallTech tightly integrates cutting-edge technology with rich experiences in cross-border logistics industry to facilitate the digital transformation and upgrading of traditional international Logistics companies effectively improving their business operation efficiency and minimizing their operation costs.

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