Paradox Highlighted Among Early Adopters of Workday AI Marketplace — a Curated Group of AI and ML Apps Within Workday Ecosystem

Designed to be an online marketplace of proven, trustworthy, responsible AI and ML apps, the Workday AI Marketplace brings the best of Workday AI and solutions from third-party partners together in one place 

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Sept. 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Paradox, the conversational recruiting software helping global companies like Unilever, General Motors, Pfizer, and Lowe’s dramatically improve efficiency by automating manual hiring work with conversational AI, today announced it was named among a curated group of early adopters of the Workday AI Marketplace.

Workday (NASDAQ: WDAY) co-Founder, co-CEO, and Chair Aneel Bhusri and co-President Sayan Chakraborty unveiled the new initiative in a keynote address at Workday Rising in San Francisco, saying the Workday AI Marketplace was created in an effort to make it easier for customers to find trustworthy AI solutions that meet Workday’s AI standards and values.

“We are incredibly excited to introduce the Workday AI Marketplace as a centralized place where Workday customers can find cutting edge AI and ML apps that they know they can trust,” said Sayan Chakraborty, co-President, Workday. “Our early adopter partners are building some of the most innovative solutions on the market today – and they’re doing it in a way that is aligned with Workday’s Responsible AI principles. Together with these partners, and many more partners to come, we’re making it easy for our customers to future-proof their businesses.”

The marketplace will feature proven, trustworthy, responsible AI and ML apps that integrate with Workday data via APIs, as well as apps built through Workday Extend using Workday-trained large language models. Only a small group of early adopter partners were selected for the first wave, including Paradox.

“At a time when the excitement around the application of AI is at a fever pitch, Workday’s effort to bring proven third-party partners together in a curated marketplace is exactly what the industry needs,” said Paradox President and Chief Product Officer Adam Godson. “We’re proud to have a long history as a Workday partner — and to share dozens of mutual clients. Paradox has always focused on solving real, meaningful problems for those clients, not on feeding the hype machine around AI. We’re honored to be part of such an exclusive group that shares those standards and values.”

Founded in 2016, Paradox pioneered the use of conversational AI in recruiting. The company’s mission is rooted in helping people spend more time with people, not software — and driven by giving everyone in the hiring process an AI assistant to remove friction and get recruiting work done faster.

In March, Paradox launched the world’s first Conversational ATS, an award-winning product helping large, global companies dramatically streamline frontline, high-volume hiring. With the power of conversational AI, Paradox’s Conversational ATS creates frictionless experiences that drive higher candidate conversion, and delivers automation that gets manual work done that would otherwise fall on frontline managers and recruiters. A Workday Ventures Partner, Paradox also recently earned a Workday Certified Badge for its Interview Scheduling integration with Workday Recruiting — a solution that provides mutual clients with a seamless experience that easily connects Workday Recruiting with Paradox’s Conversational Scheduling product.

Together, mutual Paradox and Workday clients have seen real, measurable ROI, including:

More than $2M saved in operational costs for one Fortune 100 auto manufacturer Dramatic improvements in recruiter and manager efficiency, including an 80% reduction in time spent on manual tasks for one global pharmaceutical company

“With Paradox, we saw the opportunity to improve and streamline our recruiting process. The Paradox and Workday integration makes things simpler for our teams and our candidates, which allows us to save time while creating a faster, high-touch candidate experience,” said Chris Gunnels, Director of Talent Acquisition at Safelite. “We were initially attracted to Paradox because we saw a partner that thinks differently about building recruiting software. We’re excited by our continued partnership with Paradox as we work together to drive increased automation and efficiency in all aspects of our hiring process.”

More information on the Workday AI Marketplace, which provides easy access to proven, trustworthy, and responsible AI and ML apps within the Workday ecosystem, can be found here.

About Paradox
Launched in 2016, Paradox is building the world’s leading conversational recruiting software to drive automation that helps people spend time with people, not software. Serving global clients with hiring needs across high-volume hourly and high-skilled professional roles, Paradox’s conversational AI assistant Olivia does the work talent teams don’t have time for — streamlining tasks like screening, interview scheduling, and more through fast, easy, mobile-first interactions.

In just six years, the Scottsdale-based startup has earned the trust of the world’s largest employers — including Unilever, McDonald’s, CVS Health, Lowe’s, and General Motors — and won numerous awards, including Human Resource Executive’s Best HR Product of 2019, 2021, and 2022, and consecutive honors in 2020, 2021, and 2022 as one of Forbes Top Startup Employers. The company was recently ranked the fastest growing company in HR Tech by the Deloitte Fast 500. To learn more about Paradox’s product, visit To explore open opportunities on its team, visit