Palantir Signs $50 Million Expansion with SOMPO Holdings

DENVER, Feb. 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Palantir Technologies Inc. (“Palantir,” NYSE: PLTR) and Palantir Technologies Japan K.K. today announced a $50 million, five-year expansion of its work with SOMPO Holdings (“SOMPO”) and its group companies including SOMPO Japan, the company’s insurance business. This expansion will enable the roll out of critical workflows across 10,000+ salespeople within SOMPO Japan, further developments of SOMPO’s Real Data Platform (“RDP”), and many other critical growth opportunities across SOMPO Holdings.

Thousands of users across SOMPO use Palantir Foundry as the backbone of the company’s projects to realize digital transformation and work within the RDP, designed to improve security, health, and wellbeing in Japan and beyond. Within SOMPO Japan, use of Foundry to-date has been focused on improving profitability for the commercial insurance business, and supporting disaster response. One workflow alone has already delivered significant value in terms of underwriting profits to SOMPO Japan, and is now being rolled out to 10,000+ salespeople across the Japanese insurance business. The organization’s disaster response work has also delivered substantial results — streamlining traditionally labor-intensive efforts such as exchanging information with inspectors and processing claims into reusable workflows across disasters that can now be executed in days.

Within SOMPO Care, Foundry is used by hundreds of care staff across nearly 300 long-term care facilities to connect hundreds of recipient parameters into flexible and recipient-specific long-term care plans. SOMPO has also recently started to use Foundry to enable secure government reporting, replacing highly manual and CSV-based email sharing with an automated and live-updating workflow that connects SOMPO care providers with critical government regulations, funding requirements, and more.

“As Palantir’s most important partner in Japan, we SOMPO will continue to expand our efforts in DX to increase our own operational efficiency and profitability and in creation of RDP, by using Foundry,” says Mikio Okumura, Group COO, Director, President and Representative Executive Officer, SOMPO Holdings. “In parallel, SOMPO will promote DX for Japanese companies, government agencies, and society through Palantir Technologies Japan, which was jointly established by SOMPO and Palantir.”

“Our work with SOMPO is the combination of a visionary customer, a critical and time-sensitive challenge, and profound technology,” says Palantir CTO, Shyam Sankar. “The expansion of our work across more of SOMPO Care, into SOMPO Japan and elsewhere, is emblematic of our joint ambition with SOMPO to support Japan as a global leader.”

SOMPO has evolved from a traditional insurance firm, founded in the late 19th century, to a digitally transformed, multinational company that actively partners in research and develops real solutions to critical challenges, such as the nation’s aging population. Since 2019, SOMPO has used Foundry as the backbone of its RDP solution. RDP is a collaborative ecosystem designed to improve patient care, increase resiliency, modernize real-world operations, and create a connected healthcare infrastructure that enables collaboration between research institutions, government agencies, and private industry in Japan and abroad.

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