PAGO Networks Builds South Korea’s First Cyber Fusion Center and MSSP/MDR Sharing Community with Cyware’s Technology

SINGAPORE, July 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The cyber fusion center will enable PAGO Networks to provide advanced cyber fusion services and solutions to its customers, including orchestrated threat response, high-fidelity threat intelligence-as-a-service, cyber fusion-as-a-service, and collective defense.

Cyware, the industry’s leading provider of the technology platform to build Cyber Fusion Centers for Enterprises and MSSPs/MDRs and threat intelligence sharing for ISACs, ISAOs, CERTs, and others has announced a partnership with PAGO Networks, a South Korean MDR provider and value-added distributor, for building South Korea’s first cyber fusion center for tackling advanced cyber threats for customers and a collective defense community for Korean organizations.

The partnership comes at a time of massive escalation in advanced cyber threats targeting organizations in South Korea. The partnership will make Cyware’s globally proven cyber fusion technology available to the security teams operating in South Korea. Cyware, a Gartner and Forrester recognized security solutions provider, is renowned for its proprietary cyber fusion technology platform that breaks silos within security teams by enabling collective defense through decoupled vendor agnostic SOAR connecting cyber, IT, and DevOps technologies across cloud and on-premise environments, end-to-end threat intelligence operationalization, and 360-degree threat response and management. Using Cyware’s cyber fusion center technology, security teams can automate their SecOps workflows with next-gen multi-tenant SOC orchestration capabilities while gaining unparalleled threat visibility and control of their attack surface.

Speaking on the launch, Gary C. Tate, VP of APJ region at Cyware, said, “South Korea has been facing the onslaught of cyber threats, particularly advanced nation-state actors. Security teams across industry sectors need to move beyond traditional strategies that are overwhelmingly siloed, manual, reactive, and devoid of threat visibility. We partnered with PAGO for their capability to integrate and provide cyber fusion technology at scale through their advanced PAGO DeepACT MDR Service. Together, PAGO Networks and Cyware will enable security teams to adopt a collective defense and data and workflow orchestration approach driven by real-time operationalization of high-fidelity threat intelligence across customer infrastructures and networks for proactive threat identification, analysis, and automated response.”

“The combination of Cyware’s advanced Cyber Fusion Platform and PAGO DeepACT MDR service and expertise will enable our partners and customers to proactively defend against threats and respond faster during attacks,” said Paul Kown, CEO of PAGO Networks. “Together Cyware and PAGO will bring next-generation cyber fusion, threat intelligence automation solutions, and SOC transformation solutions to Korean organizations enabling them to be part of a large collective defense community.”

Earlier in May 2021, Cyware announced its presence in the Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ) region. The autonomous SOC fusion center technology provider well known for being the global backbone of collective defense at the industry scale for more than 20 information sharing communities (ISACs/ISAOs) and their 10,000+ member organizations, has since then enabled several prominent managed security service providers (MSSPs/MDRs) across the region to expand their cybersecurity offerings and services and better protect their customers with its “any-to-any” threat intelligence orchestration-driven threat response solutions. The partnership with PAGO will open doors for security teams in South Korea to better protect enterprise and government networks and gain a strategic advantage over threat actors.

About PAGO

Pago Networks is a specialized security company based in Seoul, South Korea that supplies AI-based security products to the market, provides its own MDR service called PAGO DeepACT, and enhances service levels. PAGO supplies not only AI products to customers and provides technical support such as installation/maintenance for normal operation, but also provides in-depth analysis of all threats detected by security products and provides customers with a faster response.  For more information contact [email protected] or visit

About Cyware

Cyware helps enterprise cybersecurity teams build platform-agnostic cyber fusion centers by delivering cyber threat intelligence and next-generation SOAR (security orchestration, automation, and response) solutions. As a result, organizations can increase speed and accuracy while reducing costs and analyst burnout. Cyware’s Cyber Fusion solutions make secure collaboration, information sharing, and enhanced threat visibility a reality for MSSPs, enterprises, government agencies, and sharing communities (ISAC/ISAO/CERTs and others) of all sizes and needs.

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