PacketFabric and Unitas Global Announce Merger

Creating the leader in software-defined and fully programmable networking from the Edge to Everywhere

CULVER CITY, Calif., Jan. 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — PacketFabric and Unitas Global, leading enterprise network service providers, today announced the intention to merge the two companies, subject to regulatory approval. This will result in a larger PacketFabric, the new global leader in Network as a Service (NaaS). Lead investor Digital Alpha Advisors, LLC. brought these companies together based on customer and market feedback to create an industry leading platform.

The merger will create a company that is changing the business internet architecture to one that is finally software-defined and fully programmable, versus legacy systems that are rigid and struggle to meet the price, performance, and flexibility needs of today’s enterprise customers. The combined platform assets and automation capabilities of the two companies will deliver real-time, on-demand control to our customers from The Edge to Everywhere.

With our industry leading PacketFabric Converge platform designed for enterprise connectivity needs, PacketFabric helps businesses build new secure, private network fabrics to connect their core sites, cloud assets and manage shifts in data gravity with their unique fabric integrated storage. PacketFabric Converge orchestrates on-demand connectivity across colocation facilities, cloud providers, and private network interconnection across the globe. PacketFabric’s agile connectivity empowers enterprises to move at the speed of the cloud, digitally transform their business, and deliver superior digital experiences.

Unitas Global is the global leader in intelligent automation for business internet connectivity, providing end-to-end network design, pricing, ordering and visibility across more than one thousand first/middle/last mile networks, accessing more than 50 million fiber lit buildings. Their Unitas Nexus automation enables businesses to tap into the best-performing business internet experience delivered by the Unitas Reach network, extensive private peering services and MIRO route optimization IP for their public networking needs.

“We are the only company that helps businesses shift from being reactive to proactive when it comes to the constant change of digitized operations,” said PacketFabric CEO Dave Ward. “Our platforms enable a fundamental shift in the way to architect and operationalize a modern business. We enable a reimagination of simplified operations with real-time, on-demand automation, self-service, complete telemetry and flexible consumption, applied to every aspect of business connectivity. We do this by fulfilling the promise of software-defined-networking and AIOps via our cloud native platforms. Not one other NaaS offer enables Edge to Everywhere through their platform, we believe this makes us the one true NaaS.”

“The combination of Unitas Global’s automated design and pricing platform and its global access and Internet network covering over 50 million locations in 173 countries, creates a compelling offering to enable enterprise network transformation,” said Unitas Global CEO Patrick Shutt. “This merger extends the edge of network automation and flexibility out to the enterprise, creating an unmatched Edge to Everywhere offering for our customers and partners globally.”

“The combination of PacketFabric and Unitas Global’s platform and network assets is a powerful proof point of Digital Alpha’s commitment to investing in and developing transformative next generation networks that provide an industry leading networking-as-a-service solution in the currently fragmented marketplace. This is a significant investment in the future of the internet and a very significant company to revolutionize enterprise digital infrastructure” states Rick Shrotri Managing Partner of Digital Alpha Advisors.

The expanded capabilities of PacketFabric creates a compelling offering for enterprises, global channels and technology partners. Enterprises and partners no longer have to own, manage and operate the communication foundation of their businesses. PacketFabric enables an Enterprise to design and control their own communication architecture; while not having to carry the burden of owning and operating any part of their network.

PacketFabric brings to market a fundamental change to the business connectivity architecture with a complete and true NaaS, enabling a complete and secure connectivity platform for evolving digitized business strategies and geographies from the Edge to Everywhere.

About PacketFabric
PacketFabric is the only true NaaS (Network as a Service) provider. Our platform is designed from the ground up to support the agility, network automation and consumption models required for a changing business internet architecture. We present every aspect of business connectivity; private access, core, cloud, data storage and public Internet connectivity – as an on-demand, fully-programmable and secure service. At PacketFabric, our Edge to Everywhere platform is redefining WAN services and the business connectivity model. PacketFabric investors include NantWorks and Digital Alpha Advisors. For more information, visit

About Digital Alpha Advisors, LLC
Digital Alpha Advisors, LLC is an investment firm focused on digital infrastructure required by the rapidly expanding digital economy, with total assets under management of over $1.5B. The firm has a strategic collaboration agreement with Cisco Systems, Inc. and has partnered with other leading Silicon Valley firms. Digital Alpha believes it is the first firm focused on making private equity investments in the significant growth opportunities required to underpin the Digital Economy, including next generation communications networks, IoT platforms for urban infrastructure, and cloud-based data management platforms. Digital Alpha was founded in 2017 by Rick Shrotri, former Head of the Global Infrastructure Funds (GIF) team at Cisco, and closed its latest Fund – Digital Alpha Fund II, LP – in early 2021. For more information, please visit

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