PABLO AIR to Showcase Its Unmanned Systems Technologies at 2023 AUVSI XPONENTIAL

PHOENIX, May 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — PABLO AIR, a South Korean company specializing in UAM integrated traffic management systems and autonomous delivery, has announced that it will participate in the ‘AUVSI XPONENTIAL’, the world’s largest unmanned vehicle exhibition. The exhibition will be held in Denver, Colorado from May 9th to 11th, and will provide a platform for leading companies in unmanned vehicles to showcase their technology and trends.

At the exhibition, PABLO AIR will present its cutting-edge technologies for unmanned aircraft systems and the UAM traffic management systems, under the theme of ‘Aerospace Startup PABLO AIR: Challenge Leads Change’. The company is planning to showcase a future UAM control room at the event, offering visitors the opportunity to test out the UAM traffic management system. The system, which is based on the company’s self-developed smart mobility integrated control and monitoring system called PAMNet, is being jointly developed with LG Uplus. Visitors will be able to explore important features of the UAM traffic management system, such as flight plan management, traffic management, and air traffic communication quality management, displayed on screens.

PABLO AIR will also showcase its self-developed long-range delivery drone, ‘BlueBird’, a platform in the form of VTOL (Vertical Takeoff and Landing) that is operational up to 140km at a speed of 70km/h while carrying 2kg of package, using vertical landing systems on fixed-wing aircraft. Additionally, PABLO AIR’s developed ‘pyro drone’ for a higher level of drone art show will also be exhibited. The company will display the FireBird, a small pyro drone, and the BigBird F3, a medium-sized fire drone, to showcase its technological capabilities. Last year, PABLO AIR presented a fire drone show using 511 FireBirds, breaking the Guinness World Record.

Chanjoo Lee, Chief Operating Officer of PABLO AIR USA branch, will present on the theme of ‘realizing unmanned systems’ and explain the projects that PABLO AIR has carried out in Korea and USA. He will also address the significance of future unmanned delivery systems, and how the PAMNet that integrates various types of mobility will bring the future commercial operation and the vision of the future uncrewed drone delivery system.

“This exhibition will be a place to explain to the world the next-generation air mobility business that PABLO AIR dreams of”, said Kim Young-Joon, Founder of PABLO AIR, “we will be showcasing our company’s technological capabilities through a range of innovative products and solutions, including a UAM traffic management system, a smart mobility integrated control system, a swarm operation platform, a drone delivery solution, and a platform for high-quality drone art shows and performances.”

PABLO AIR, a member company of Born2Global Centre, has been recognized for its technology capabilities and was named second-place winner in the Operational category of XCELLENCE Awards for the second consecutive year in 2021 and 2022. The company has become the first Korean company to participate in the US drone delivery PoC, and the National Technology & Innovation Sandbox (NTIS) Malaysia’s technology partner. It has recently started preparing for listing on the KOSDAQ in the second half of 2024.


Since its first step into the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) market with swarm flight technology in 2018 in South Korea, PABLO AIR has provided a wide array of integrated drone solutions, including UAV control system, aircraft development, drone delivery platform & service, and ICT drone show. In addition, PABLO AIR is continuously carrying forward R&Ds and commercialization at home and abroad to become a pioneer of the global UAV industry.

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