Oscal PowerMax 700 Makes its World Premiere with Safe and Stable Energy for Multi-scene Usage

SHENZHEN, China, May 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, Oscal released its first portable power station- PowerMax 700. With cutting-edge technology and innovation, PowerMax 700 is designed to be the reliable emergency power supplier during both home outages and natural disasters and the mobile power source for outdoor activities.

Lightweight & Eco-friendly Body with Mega Battery & Portable Design

PowerMax 700 is made eco-friendly, with a renewable PC+ABS outer base and RoSH-certified Nickel-plated steel battery shell. At only about 16.5 lbs(7.5kg), Oscal PowerMax 700 packs with 666Wh battery capacity. Though a compact size of 31.2*19.0*24.8 cm, it is equipped with a reinforced handle and rubber anti-slip base to ensure easy carry and convenient transportation. This lightweight power station is enough to run a mini fridge for half a whole day.

Stable, Safe, and Durable Power

Oscal PowerMax 700 incorporates NCM battery cells and a pure sine wave inverter with Battery Management System (BMS) and intelligent temperature management constantly monitoring and managing the performance of the batteries. Both charging and discharging are controlled within safe limits, further expanding the battery life span and ensuring high-safety usage. Besides, PowerMax 700 is designed with Non-stop Mode for constant energy supply for CPAP machines.

Fast and Flexible Recharging

With up to 5 recharging options, PowerMax 700 provides great flexibility for its users, charging with solar panels, AC charging, car outlet, and a PD 65W Type-C fast charging. Furthermore, PowerMax 700 can be charged for 1 hour with dual charging technology (215W Max) to prolong up to 26 hours of daily use.

Versatile & Multi-scene Usage with Up to 12 Outputs

PowerMax 700 is born for the modern age with up to 12 outputs, including a wireless fast charging pad, 2 700W AC outlets, 2 DC outputs, 4 USB-A outputs, 2 USB-C outputs, and a car charging port, meeting almost all charging needs of essential devices both at home and for outdoors. As useful as it is, PowerMax 700 is an ideal power provider.

Use with Ease, Safe, and Peace of Mind

PowerMax 700 is user-friendly. No noise and fumes. It houses a foolproof control panel with large independent switches and an intuitive LCD display with big-sized fonts and lucid instructions. Beyond that, PowerMax 700 is equipped with an LED light with three illumination modes and SOS mode for emergencies, catering to different users’ needs during nighttime operations.

Price & Availability

PowerMax 700 is on sale now. Oscal is now offering a cost-effective price of $240 using time-limited 60% off discount code “60POWERMAX”, even with free Bluetooth headphones (green version). Add them to the cart, place the orders together and use the discount code on the checkout page. Buy one and get two.
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About Oscal

Oscal, a promising technology brand, has always focused on product performance, environmental friendliness, design, quality, and service. Oscal will stay true to offer environmentally friendly and sustainable energy storage solutions with the commitment to help users take the comforts of modern life to wildness.