Original productions taking you closer to China in the New Era

BEIJING, Aug. 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Want to understand China’s development over the past decade? CGTN and the CMG European and Latin American Languages Programming Center will provide global audiences a slate of productions focusing on “China in the New Era” across multi-language platforms in August 2022.


The programs reveal a clear picture of the true China, guiding viewers through a decade of development and change, the country’s development path, and its diverse and inclusive culture.

Here’s a preview of some of the highlights.

Everyone Matters: China in A Decade

To capture the changes that Chinese people have experienced over the past 10 years, “China in A Decade” explores the transformation of China in multiple areas – from high-quality development to governance, from building a cultural foundation to globally shared prosperity.

Via 36 stories told by ordinary individuals, the program reveals how everyone matters in China, and through their contributions, miracles can happen.

China Through a Global Lens

What does China look like from a global perspective? CGTN presents a variety of shows designed to give viewers from across the world a deeper insight into the realities of life in the country.

“My Account on China” and “On the Move” provides overseas audiences with authentic stories to understand China’s changes and development.

“Latin Youth in Rural China” records three young Latin Americans’ field trip to China’s southwestern province of Sichuan to investigate the country’s rural development model. The Argentine Ambassador to China also joined the trip and shared his thoughts on China’s rural revitalization through his journal.

“The China Path: A Panoramic Decoding” gives viewers a comprehensive picture of China through world leaders’ and global thinkers’ insights on the country’s governance.

“Classic Quotes by Xi Jinping” brings an entirely new avenue in five languages to discover the stories behind the classics and to discuss the cultural foundation of the Chinese people, in order to help viewers understand how Chinese wisdom helps underpin the governing of the evolving nation.

From Poverty to Prosperity: The Chinese Path to Modernization

Through a range of programming, CGTN seeks to explain how China has eliminated extreme poverty and pursued its path toward modernization. 

From bustling metropolises to far-flung villages, the progress and challenges on China’s modernization path have never stopped. “Modernization for 1.4 Billion”discusses the process and characteristics of China’s unique path to modernization and brings together global experts to discuss its international significance.

Documentary “The Road to Common Prosperity” by Dr Robert Lawrence Kuhn showcase the transformations in China from various angles.

The 12-episode series “China by Numbers” builds on statistics and uses the numbers to showcase the transformations of China in a wide range of angles including economy, poverty alleviation, infrastructure, education, science and technology, culture, and sports.

Diverse and Inclusive: The Beauty of Chinese Culture

A number of new shows will take a deep dive into China’s culture and history. They discuss the vital role of cultural exchanges in mutual learning and respect among nations.

“The Vibe” offers a refreshing perspective on the cultural exchanges between China and the rest of the world.

“Foodwise” and “Why We Love Dunhuang” unroll the vibrant cultural tapestry of China, and take viewers on a journey to the essence of Chinese culture.

“The Song, Painted” decodes traditional Chinese aesthetics via the lifestyles depicted in Song Dynasty paintings using virtual art technology, while “Inheritors” shines a light on China’s rich Intangible Cultural Heritage and the tales behind it.

CGTN also unveiled “China Box,” an interactive video product which will come in October. China Box provides a new video watching experience by creating a virtual world, where users can choose the avatars they like and enjoy thousands of videos.

2022 China Documentary Festival in Africa

CGTN has launched the 2022 China Documentary Festival Global Screening in Africa, the first time the festival has featured a special event for a specific region, in the presence of the ambassadors to China of Benin, Cameroon, Gabon, Senegal, Tanzania and Zimbabwe.

Thirty broadcasters and institutions from 20 African countries will join the festival to screen stories for African audiences.

Since the 2022 China Documentary Festival was launched in June, more than 50 documentaries produced by CGTN have been screened or streamed for global audiences. They include award-winning productions in English, French, Spanish, Arabic and Russian.


A host of programs focusing on “China in the New Era” are announced in Beijing. /CGTN