OREO-Maker Mondelēz Launches “The Art of (Re)Play” Campaign to Encourage a Pause in China’s Urban Life

Modern Baizitu Fuses Chinese Traditional Culture and Modern Technology to Remind the Public to Never Forget the Playful Spirit

SHANGHAI, April 2, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — OREO, a popular cookie brand belonging to Mondelēz International (NASDAQ: MDLZ), recently launched a campaign named “The Art of (Re)Play”, starting from March 20th. Drawing inspiration from Chinese traditional culture, they have unveiled their art piece, the Modern Baizitu, initially showcased in subway stations in Shanghai and now on their WeChat mini program. The brand also collaborated with Malaysian artist LAOWANG1102 and redesigned three traditional Chinese toys—Luban Lock, Diabolo (Chinese YoYo), and Tangram—reimagined with a modern twist. Moreover, they actively engage with local communities and schools during the campaign. These initiatives aim to spark contemplation among the public about their own well-being in the face of a fast-paced lifestyle.

Commuter passing the Modern Baizitu at the Galaxy Hallway of Xujiahui Station in Shanghai

Baizitu is a long handscroll depicting 100 children engaged in various activities and playing games in ancient Chinese times. In this instance, OREO’s creation, the Modern Baizitu, draws inspiration from the past to reflect the present-day lives of children. It portrays a diverse range of recreational activities, including playing soccer, painting, swimming, and playing musical instruments. Simultaneously, the artwork incorporates the backdrop of contemporary exams and competitions, with the aim of triggering reflection among commuters. This engaging piece of art reimagines an ancient Chinese painting with a contemporary flair, serving as an artistic nudge to the public to embrace and celebrate the playful spirit that enriches our lives.

From March 20th-31st, commuters could witness the animated scroll at Galaxy Hallway of Xujiahui Station, one of the busiest metro stations in Shanghai. This impressive artwork spanned 26.7 meters in length and 3 meters in width, seamlessly blending Chinese traditional culture with modern animation. Both the digital screen and floor decal featured QR codes, allowing commuters to scan and enter the WeChat mini program, which is still active and where you can engage in an interactive “treasure hunt” online game until April 30th.

OREO redesigned three traditional Chinese toys.

“We recognize that the pressures of modern society have put a strain on the playful spirit of both adults and children. However, within traditional Chinese culture lies a wealth of philosophical wisdom regarding playfulness. Guided by OREO’s brand spirit of ‘play together,’ we aspire to inspire children and adults alike to rediscover, unlock, and embrace the spirit of play within the fast-paced modern lifestyle. Through this campaign, we aim to remind individuals of the joy and importance of play, fostering a sense of togetherness and creating moments of pure delight,” said Grace Zhu, vice-president of Marketing and Growth at Mondelēz China.

Mondelēz gifting the Modern Baizitu scroll to Zikawei Library, a new cultural landmark in Shanghai.

“The Art of (Re)Play” campaign is the latest initiative by Mondelēz China as part of its commitment to wellbeing. Mondelēz China has been actively engaged in various collaborations, contributing to social issues such as nutrition, wellbeing, and sustainability. Previously, Mondelēz China has adopted two giant pandas to support their lifelong care. It has organized a wall painting activity to improve community image while encouraging consumers to enjoy Mindful Snacking. Additionally, it has also held open days for their “Green Factory” and “Lighthouse Factory,” allowing the public to gain insights into their digital and sustainable manufacturing processes.

Unlocking Growth and Innovating Categories through Insightful and Data-Driven Marketing

Industry Insight Output: This year, Mondelēz rolled out a standalone State of Snacking: Future Trends report, which found that approximately 43% of consumers globally make the effort to buy products from companies that support causes they care about, and stories that evoke emotions forge stronger connections. Data-driving Marketing: Mondelēz China has consistently embraced a “local-first” strategy, leveraging global resources and combining them with local social media listening and other digital tools to delve deep into Chinese consumer insights. Through data-driven marketing, Mondelēz China collaborates with consumers to co-create new flavors, products, and categories. They carefully select communication content and interactive methods that resonate with consumers, fostering emotional connections. Revenue Growth & Category Innovation: In 2023, Mondelēz China experienced high single-digit growth in their business. According to Nielsen, Mondelēz China secured the top position in the biscuit category in terms of market share, and ranked second in the chewing gum category. Their brand OREO launched a new cake category, achieving impressive sales leads and market share, leading the category’s growth. As a testament to their commitment, Mondelēz China was selected as the NIQ BASES Breakthrough Innovation Wavemakers in China 2023.