OREiN by AiDot Wins German Design Award for OL005 Bathroom Fan with Bluetooth Speaker

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — OREiN by AiDot‘s bathroom exhaust fan OL005 has been honored with Excellent Product Design at German Design Award 2024. The recognition underscores OREiN OL005’s exceptional blend of sympathetic design and functional diversity.

Founded in 1953 by the German Design Council, the globally renowned German Design Award only considers designs recommended by the German Design Committee. Many nominated works are internationally recognized, earning the title “winners among winners.” “OREiN by AiDot’s OL005 is an interesting product with contemporary technology that strikingly reflects the progressive design language with its clear, modern design language,” stated by the jury.

“While most traditional bathroom fans use plastic grills for their appearance, we’ve combined minimalist style with technological breakthroughs in this product,” says Luke Lin, Chief Executive Officer at AiDot. “Design speaks louder than words. We are very honored to be awarded and will come up with more innovative products that meet both aesthetic and functional needs.

OREiN OL005 Blend Ventilation with Entertainment

The OREiN OL005 introduces innovative features to redefine bathroom fan functionality beyond traditional options such as light or heating functions. Notably, it incorporates a 105dBSPL Bluetooth speaker and dynamic 7-color RGB lights, providing users with the ability to enjoy music through a speaker integrated into the fan. Seamlessly connecting to devices, users can enhance their bathroom ambiance by syncing their preferred tunes. The dynamic RGB lights synchronize with the music, creating a relaxing bathing space. This addition goes beyond conventional ventilation, designed to craft a personalized bathroom ambiance through the seamless integration of immersive audio and dynamic visuals, enhancing the overall user experience.

Unmatched Airflow, Whisper Quiet.

OREiN OL005 excels in both sleek design and versatile functionality without compromising its exhaust performance. The OL005 features an impressive capacity, delivering 160 CFM of airflow, ensuring high efficiency by expelling all indoor air in just 3 minutes and preventing steam from a hot shower from fogging up the bathroom mirror (based on OREiN’s lab data retrieved in a full-size bathroom at 60 sq ft). Despite its robust performance, the fan maintains a minimal 1.0 sone noise level, emphasizing OREiN’s dedication to a serene atmosphere.

Brighter and Safer Bathroom Illumination

OREiN OL005 exhaust fan also features advanced 3CCT LED and Nightlight mode. With a powerful 1500lm light, the OL005 stands out as one of the brightest bathroom fan lights on the market. Three adjustable LED color temperatures cater to various needs, and a nightlight mode ensures safe navigation during nighttime bathroom visits.

Effortless Installation with Exclusive Fast Bracket

OREiN OL005 introduces a seamless installation experience with its exclusive fast bracket. This feature simplifies the traditionally challenging installation process, ensuring users encounter minimal hassle.

Other Option in the Same Series

For those seeking an energy-efficient bathroom solution, OREiN OL003 is another ideal choice in the same lineup. It features a built-in humidity sensor that activates when room humidity exceeds 60%, ensuring optimal air quality and moisture control.

Product Specifications:

Product Specifications




110/160 CFM

160 CFM

Noise Level

1.0 Sone

1.0 Sone

3CCT LED Light

2700k, 4000k, 6500k

3000k, 4000k, 5000k


200lm 2700k

200lm 2200k

Bluetooth Speaker


Humidity Sensor


Price and Availability

Originally priced at $249.99, OREiN OL005 can now be purchased at $189.99 using the code ‘orein111’ on both the AiDot website and Amazon.

OREiN OL003 is accessible on both the AiDot website and Amazon, priced attractively at $169.99.

About OREiN:

OREiN, a brand of AiDot, serves as a prominent provider of lighting solutions for home construction and renovation. With its roots deeply embedded in a distinguished lighting manufacturing legacy of 20 years, OREiN prioritizes the creation of a more healthful and delightful lifestyle through the enhancement of lighting environments in both indoor and outdoor spaces.

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