Opus IVS Partners with National Windscreens PTY LTD of Australia to Revolutionize Diagnostic and Calibration Services in the Australian Automotive Industry

DETROIT, Nov. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Opus IVS™, offering an integrated platform of OE and multi-brand diagnostics, remote programming, and calibration solutions, anchored by expert technicians and cutting-edge patented technology, is excited to announce an exclusive partnership with National Windscreens and their Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) diagnostics and calibration division. This strategic alliance will pave the way for the development of cutting-edge diagnostic and calibration services and solutions to automotive collision and mechanical repair facilities, windshield and windscreen repair centers, and calibration facilities across Australia.

The partnership represents a major achievement within the Australian automotive sector, as it combines the expertise and technology of Opus IVS, a globally recognized leader, alongside the respected industry service professionals from National Windscreens. Together, they are poised to provide groundbreaking diagnostic and calibration services, ensuring that vehicles on Australian roads benefit from the most advanced automotive safety systems available. 

Opus IVS, a global provider renowned for its advanced automotive diagnostic tools and software with National Windscreens, a trusted name in windshield repair and replacement, and their ADAS diagnostics and calibration division a pioneer in ADAS diagnostics and calibration services are committed to deliver innovative solutions that will reshape the way vehicle repairs are conducted in Australia.

Brad Jansons, CEO of National Windscreens, expressed his enthusiasm for this partnership, saying, “This collaboration is a game-changer for the automotive industry in Australia. National Windscreens is committed to providing the highest quality services, and through our partnership with Opus IVS and our ADAS diagnostics and calibration division of Australia, we’re taking a huge step toward achieving that goal. Our customers can expect nothing but the best.” 

Brian Herron, CEO of Opus IVS, echoed this sentiment, stating, “Opus IVS is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of automotive diagnostics and calibration. This partnership represents a significant investment in innovation and technology that will benefit repair facilities across Australia. We’re proud to be part of this endeavor.” 

Rob Mildenhall, GM of National ADAS, emphasized the importance of staying at the forefront of technology in the automotive industry. He said, “This collaboration signifies a new era for the Australian automotive sector. We are dedicated to promoting ADAS technologies and ensuring they function optimally. This partnership is a giant leap towards achieving our vision.”

The partnership between Opus IVS, and National Windscreens PTY LTD of Australia is expected to provide a range of benefits to the Australian automotive repair industry, including faster, more accurate diagnostics, and calibration services, increased safety on the roads through enhanced ADAS functionality, and improved customer satisfaction.

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