OPTOMA CinemaX Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector Series Leading the “Laser TV” Trend

TAIPEI, Aug. 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Optoma in 2019 introduced its first 4K UHD ultra short throw laser projector – CinemaX P1 – which immediately became a sensation in the home theater market, as it brought such a different look from the stereotypes of a projector – tedious appearance, inconvenient installation, washed-out images, and so on. From the slick design, built-in Dolby soundbar, dynamic 4K UHD images, with smart home applications, CinemaX P1 worked just like a television set. The fact that it can be easily installed, and project a 100-inch, or even bigger image, also created its unique position. It is not a conventional projector, nor a television, but a new type of “Laser TV” which caters to the need for big screen viewing and high-quality images.

Enjoy Big Screen Home Entertainment with Optoma CinemaX Laser TV

With enhanced projection technology, plus the impact of the global Covid-19 pandemic since 2020, there is a sudden increase of demands in audio/video entertainments at home. Optoma during this time also extended its CinemaX series with P1 Pro, a flagship model, and P2, as an alternative option in white, both improved in the performance and features, especially the considerable decrease in latency. With the improvements, these projectors were no longer just for watching movies, but also for watching streaming content, online videos, sports games, or even for gaming – just like a TV.

In recent years, it is noticeable that there is an increase in “Laser TV” in the market, meaning people are more familiar with this new form of display, also showing the growing demand for it. According to PMA Research reports, since the launch of 4K ultra short throw laser projectors in 2019, the year-on-year growth rate has been between 25% and 40%. It also foresees the sales quantity to increase by more than six times in 2024. The popularity of “Laser TV” also makes it more affordable to the general public. For example, Optoma in early 2022 launched its latest CinemaX model – D2+, with the street price at less than NT$100,000, at the same time providing more versatile home entertainment services, including 4K gaming, eARC, and Android TV supported by HAKO Mini. Compared to a 100-inch LED TV with similar features, D2+ “Laser TV” costs less than one fifth in price.

Looking back the development of “Laser TV,” Mr. Gordon Wu, the Head of Optoma APAC is optimistic about the future of the new type of display at home. “Optoma has been dedicated in the projection market for more than two decades, and has continued to advance its technology in the hardware and software solutions, creating products that are closer to our end customers.” Wu continued, “as Laser TV provides a perfect balance in between a conventional projector and a regular television, for people who are looking for big-screen home entertainment experience, at the same time having space and budget limitations, a Laser TV is a second-to-none solution to pursue.” “Moreover, living in the era which environment sustainability is crucial, with Optoma’s unique laser technology, our laser projectors not only can produce high-quality images, but also reduce carbon footprints and power consumption. In the long run, we believe that Laser TV will take an even important position in the home entertainment market.

[More Advantages of Optoma CinemaX Laser Projection TV]

True 4K UHD resolution with 8.3 million pixel displayed. Lights-on viewing with high brightness at 3,000 lumens or more. Amazing Color and HDR supported for spectacular and accurate color performance. Ultra short throw optical design, 100-inch big screen in just inches away. Indirect light source for eye protection. Laser light source with life span up to 30,000 hours. Superb gaming experience with the support of extreme low latency down to 4ms (@1080P). Compared to a 100-inch LED TV, CinemaX Laser TV comes in compact size and light weight, with flexible installation options.

Learn more about Optoma’s CinemaX Laser Projection TV, please visit https://www.optoma.com/tw/cinemax-laser-tv/