Open Visibility Network of real-time visibility providers welcomes nuVizz and its delivery & transportation orchestration platform

BOSTON, Oct. 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Open Visibility Network (OVN) has announced that nuVizz, an Atlanta, GA-based delivery and transportation orchestration SaaS platform, has joined the rapidly growing international network. Launched in collaboration between Tive, Project44, and FourKites in 2021, the OVN is a consortium of supply chain, transportation, and logistics technology providers on a mission to optimize global supply chain efficiency via open visibility and collaboration. Many industry leaders have joined the network, including Everstream Analytics, TransVoyant, MarineTraffic, ParkourSC, WeatherOptics, FarEye, BlueBox Systems, TextLocate, Trucker Cloud, and Resilinc.

Launched in 2011, nuVizz leverages the capabilities of SaaS technology to eliminate the need for separate point-to-point integration and enable a network ecosystem on a true multi-tenant platform. Since then, nuVizz—powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning—provides customers with real-time visibility across delivery networks, proactive communication with customers, predictive analytics, route planning and optimization, load planning, real-time dynamic planning, and advanced dispatch capabilities.  nuVizz works with large shippers, carriers, and freight forwarders in many verticals including pharma, healthcare, food supplies, and auto parts. In 2021, more than 50 million business transactions happened on the nuVizz platform.

From the manufacturer’s facility to the final destination, a shipment of goods travels many miles. But regardless of where a shipment begins, the last mile is the one it takes to reach the end-customer’s doorstep. The last mile can start at a regional distribution center, in case of large shippers such as Amazon, or in the warehouse of a smaller business. Frequently, the last mile can be the most challenging for reasons including fuel cost, route optimization, driver scheduling, fleet optimization, and more. Also factor in the challenges involved with accurately informing the end customer about when goods will be delivered.  Last mile real-time visibility technologies help 3PLs, vendors, and postal workers optimize the last delivery.  These solutions are critical for planning delivery routes in a fuel- and time-efficient manner, inform customers of real-time tracking, collect proofs of delivery, save costs, and improve customer satisfaction.  When integrated with real-time visibility solutions prior to the last mile, the benefits created for vendors expand dramatically.  In the Open Visibility Network, these technologies are complementary to the vision of providing solutions that—when used collectively—help members deliver true end-to-end visibility for customers. 

Open Visibility Network is excited to welcome nuVizz, the leader in last-mile delivery and transportation orchestration.

“We believe the technology vendors are the best part of the equation of creating an open and shared ecosystem. Each of the vendors in the visibility space bring their unique value to the ecosystem. Creating a standard for exchanging information between different technologies provides the much needed visibility to our common customers and fills a huge gap that exists today” highlights Gururaj Rao, founder and CEO of nuVizz. “In the current world where transportation & delivery has become the cornerstone of world economies, we all must do our bit to make the ecosystem open and enable our customers to be cost effective and sustainable. We can do that by sharing information which we believe one day will also allow sharing of services (fulfillment, distribution and transportation) and would contribute to the overall benefit of the ecosystem.”

“By combining visibility solutions from multiple providers in a collaborative manner, full shipment visibility becomes a reality—resulting in many benefits up and down the supply chain,” said Krenar Komoni, the founding member of OVN and CEO and Founder of Tive, Inc. “The collaboration achieved by OVN members synchronizes these technologies and provides true end-to-end visibility—from the first mile to the last—improving customer loyalty and increasing net promoter scores.”

OVN is in constant lookout to connect with other technology and visibility providers in the supply chains. Reach out at [email protected] or visit the website

About Open Visibility Network

Open Visibility Network (OVN) is an open consortium of supply chain, transportation, and logistics technology providers on a mission to optimize global supply chain efficiency via open visibility and collaboration. OVN is the first platform that enables the stakeholders to collaborate openly and while exchanging data and insights (APIs) cultivate an ecosystem that strives to achieve end-to-end visibility across all shipment modes and lanes.

About nuVizz

nuVizz, Inc. is an Atlanta, GA based Delivery & Transportation orchestration and real-time visibility platform started in 2011. Built with the idea of enabling the network ecosystem on a true multi-tenant SaaS platform, nuVizz platform removes the need for separate integration between each of the partners. nuVizz works with large shippers, carriers and freight forwarders in multiple industry verticals including pharma, healthcare, food supplies, auto parts etc. In 2021, more than 50 million business transactions happened on the nuVizz platform.

About Tive

Tive is a global leader in supply chain and logistics technology. With Tive, shippers, retailers, and logistics service providers (LSPs) have the ability to eliminate delays, avoid damage and mitigate shipment failures. Tive’s solution provides insights generated by its industry-leading products for clients to actively optimize their shipments, improve customer experience, and unlock actionable data in real-time. For more information, visit

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