Oort announces collaboration with Tencent Cloud

SINGAPORE, April 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Oort, an innovative data services platform, has announced a new collaboration with Tencent Cloud. Tencent Cloud will be integrated into the Oort network as a full-node provider, thereby supporting Oort’s data services. Tencent Cloud’s massive storage and computing capacity will allow Oort to provide additional data services, as well as enhanced privacy and security, to applications deployed on clouds.

Tencent Cloud provides a full suite of industry and technical solutions that fit a wide variety of business scenarios – including audio and video, interactive live streaming, online education, gaming and more – ensuring that customers can move to cloud securely and efficiently. Tencent Cloud currently operates 70 availability zones across 26 regions, providing a strong infrastructure that enables businesses to expand across the globe. Tencent Cloud offers leading companies from a wide range of industries cost-effective digital transformation, extensive industry experience, customer-centric service, support for global enterprises, and Tencent’s consumer-to-business (C2B) advantage.

About Oort
Oort is an innovative data solutions provider paving the way for the massive adoption of the next-gen data infrastructure with intuitive, scalable solutions designed for legacy and next-gen businesses alike. Featuring a user-centric design, Oort offers full-service next-gen data solutions that developers and users can master without a learning curve. Learn more at www.oortech.com or follow Oort on Twitter @oortech.

Contact: Milo Wang, [email protected]