Online Trading Platform Longbridge Singapore Receives Fintech – Brokerage Awards at SBR Technology Excellence Awards 2024

SINGAPORE, April 29, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Longbridge Securities Singapore (Longbridge), a distinguished financial institution authorized and regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) under Licence number CMS101211, is pleased to announce that it has received the esteemed Fintech – Brokerage Awards at the renowned SBR Technology Excellence Awards 2024. This recognition exemplifies Longbridge Securities Singapore’s commitment to innovation and excellence in the fintech industry.

The SBR Technology Excellence Awards, organized by Singapore Business Review, acknowledge organizations that have demonstrated exceptional technological advancements and contributions to their respective industries. The awards specifically recognize companies that embrace the digital revolution and harness the power of technology.

To ensure a superior trading experience, Longbridge Securities Singapore has made significant investments in a self-developed system. This system, designed to meet the growing demand for a fast-paced and seamless trading environment, exemplifies the company’s commitment to technological innovation and client satisfaction. Built on its proprietary trading platform, Longbridge ensures order execution speed that surpasses industry standards. With refresh rates at the microsecond level, Longbridge provides ultra-low market latency, enhancing the security and stability of the investment experience. The system has obtained ISO27001 and ISO27701 international certifications for information security management, offering comprehensive account and data protection.

Amidst solid competition, Longbridge distinguished itself by showcasing its unwavering dedication to utilizing cutting-edge technology to provide superior brokerage services to its clients. Recently, the company launched a 24-hour US trading session, allowing clients to trade at any hour and accommodating the dynamics of international markets and the diverse schedules of global investors. Additionally, Longbridge offers a range of comprehensive trading tools, including grid trading and chart trading, enabling investors to seize market opportunities effectively.

Furthermore, Longbridge has also pioneered the industry’s first financial GPT- PortAI, which provides real-time access to news, market quotes, fundamentals, financial reports, and institutional ratings for over 35,000 stocks, derivatives, popular ETFs, 77 industries, and over 500 indices. Tailored for investors, PortAI delivers AI-driven real-time investment Q&A interactions and personalized content generation, aiming to provide valuable investors with the best tools and data for a rich and efficient investment experience.

Longbridge Securities Singapore remains committed to remaining at the forefront of technological advancements in the brokerage industry. Aiming to provide the ultimate investing experience, Longbridge offers lifetime commission-free trading for the US and Hong Kong markets, minimizing trading costs for investors. The company’s technology-driven approach, extensive industry expertise, and lifetime commission-free policy establish it as a trusted brokerage for clients seeking reliable and innovative brokerage services.

About Longbridge Securities Singapore
Longbridge Securities Singapore (Longbridge), a licensed entity regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) under License number CMS101211, holds a capital market service license and operates as an exempt financial adviser. Recognized as a safe and reliable online brokerage in Singapore, Longbridge offers an extensive range of over 32,000 tradable financial products, including stocks, US stock options, ETFs, REITs, warrants, and more. This diverse selection provides users with abundant global investment opportunities and high-quality services. Longbridge is committed to leveraging innovative fintech applications to offer enhanced investment tools for the Singapore, Hong Kong, and US stock markets. Additionally, Longbridge offers lifetime commission-free trading for the US and Hong Kong markets to enjoy broader investment opportunities at a reduced cost. This commitment ensures that every investor benefits from intelligent decision-making aids and enjoys a richer global investment experience at lower thresholds and costs.