Online eyewear brand — Vooglam launched fall collection

WASHINGTON, Oct. 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In early October, Vooglam launched a new fall collection of eyewear. The series is mainly designed for women who like fashion, with nearly 100 unique designer styles. It is also the latest interpretation of Vooglam’s own slogan’s “BORN TO BE UNIQUE”. In terms of color matching, the series of frames mainly include multicolored, tortoiseshell, or brown, etc., just like the feeling brought by autumn, sometimes colorful and sometimes romantic and poetic.

In terms of the appearance of the glasses frame, in addition to the common round and square glasses, it also includes the popular cat-eye and pilot styles, which organically integrate the avant-garde design with fashionable colors, so that everyone who wears glasses can really Express your true self. For example, the following popular frame styles:

Naila — This glasses frame is more like a candy in autumn. It is made of Tr90 polymer material, which has the advantage of being light and non-allergenic. It looks like chocolate, but the frame is translucent, the overall outline is square, but there are horns on the sides, the design is simple but stylish.

Retro — This pair of eyeglass frames lives up to its name, because in its three main color elements, it expresses a classic charm. The gray on the top reveals a sense of luxury, and the dark yellow in the middle connects with the tortoiseshell color on the bottom, making it no longer monotonous.

Adrienne — It’s more like a colorful pebble in a clear river, and the splicing color design will make people love it. Although it is a square frame, every part of it is polished like a work of art. Wearing these glasses will make the facial features more three-dimensional, and it will be extraordinary in the crowd.

At present, the Internet penetration rate in the United States is very high, and more people tend to buy glasses online. The brand has gained a massive fan base in parts of the United States with its unique, creative and stylish designs and affordable prices. At present, the brand has more than 1,000 frames on sale. The design concept is that glasses are not only functional, but also the attributes of fashion accessories are equally important. Use glasses as your outfit and never miss a moment of sparkle.

About Vooglam 

Vooglam was founded in 2017. In April 2022, the brand was upgraded to provide better service, and the brand name was changed from Voogueme to Vooglam. Compared to Voogueme, the “glam” in the brand name represents the transition from “personal choice” to “unique fashion sense”. This is also one of the steps to tap the potential of the brand and move towards a new growth path.

The brand is committed to providing everyone with the convenience of buying stylish prescription glasses at an affordable price. New customers will receive a $56 coupons when they sign up, and up to 90% off when ordering the Fall Collection now. The current fall collection starts at $3, and there are also discounted frame styles such as $5, $6.95, and $9.95. In addition to offering a wide range of stylish frames, a variety of lens types are available to enhance your prescription, such as single vision lenses, progressive lenses, RX sunglasses, driving lenses, blue light blocking lenses, anti-reflective coating lenses, and more.

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