Onion Global surpasses RMB110 million in GMV in the first three days of the 2022 Beauty Carnival Shopping Festival

GUANGZHOU, China, Sept. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Onion Global Limited (“Onion Global”, the “Group” or the “Company”) (NYSE: OG), a next-generation lifestyle brand platform that connects the world’s fresh, fashionable, and future technology-based brands to young people in China and across Asia, today announced that it generated over RMB110 million in GMV within the first three days of its 2022 Beauty Carnival Shopping Festival. The Beauty Carnival Shopping Festival was designed around the theme of “aspiring to an ideal life” and is aimed at identifying customers’ everyday needs and stimulating their aspirations for a better life. During the Beauty Carnival Shopping Festival, Onion Global has created multiple scenarios connecting products to customers in an effort to drive consumption while making the shopping experience more pleasurable. Focused on creation by all, new and fun consumption, and scenario construction, the Beauty Carnival Shopping Festival forms a complete closed-loop chain from seeding content through to driving traffic and ultimately sales conversion for brands. The eighteen-day Beauty Carnival Shopping Festival started on September 6, 2022 and will continue until September 23, 2022.

Highlights from the first three days of the 2022 Beauty Carnival Shopping Festival

The total GMV during the first three days was over RMB110 million, and the total number of orders was over 235,000; More than 16,000 Standard Product Units (SPUs) offered by 1,014 brands participating in the Beauty Carnival Shopping Festival this year; The total number of buyers exceeded 111,000 with a repurchase rate of more than 46%;

Mr. Cong (Kenny) Li, Founder, and CEO of Onion Global commented, “During the Beauty Carnival Shopping Festival this year with a slogan of “Keen on the new era”, Onion Global has facilitated integration and interaction between products, customers and scenarios, building emotional resonance and personal connections with consumers through the following process: 1) Provide and stimulate consumers with creative product-related content with different dimensions, launch new low-priced high-quality products and carry out activities in online communities to drive traffic and brand awareness; 2) Build a “New Era Ideal Life Bazaar” that integrates interaction, experience and sales, and collaborate with brands to offer classes, enabling customers to learn and be entertained, thereby deepening connections between brands and customers; 3) Design diverse live streaming scenarios and multiple themed days for live streaming rooms, boosting interactions with customers and providing an immersive experience. To reach a wider customer base, the brands of the Beauty Carnival Shopping Festival will be advertised both online and offline, covering a wide range of exposures on channels including outdoor screens, subway ads, WeChat and Weibo to facilitate the precise conversion of traffic into sales. Leveraging its platforms including O’mall and Hoomuch as well as nearly 800,000 key opinion customers (KOCs) nationwide, Onion Global will use digital tools to create points of connection between products, customers and scenarios; these multiple connecting points are not only the key to driving sales conversion, but also to spreading our corporate culture, brand story and product value.” 

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About Onion Global Limited

Onion Global Limited (NYSE: OG) is a next-generation lifestyle brand platform that connects the world’s fresh, fashionable, and future technology-based brands to young people in China and across Asia. The Company’s mission is to be the dream factory of lifestyle brands for young people. The Company’s platform offers an integrated solution to develop, market, and distribute new and inspiring branded products, thereby reshaping the lifestyle shopping and consumer culture in China. Onion Global Limited has been listed on New York Stock Exchange since May 2021.

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