One Million Indonesians Turn to AI to Help Land New Roles

KUPU’s AI-powered recruitment app bridges the growing employment gap by intelligently matching job-seeker profiles and recruiters

JAKARTA, Indonesia, Aug. 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — KUPU (, an AI-driven platform that matches job seeker profiles to recruiters via dynamic skill-based profile scanning, reveals that over one million Indonesians have signed up to its job matching service in the first ten months since its launch.

KUPU’s AI-powered platform provides increased visibility through skill-based profile with scores and badges accredited by KUPU Academy.

The new service, developed in Indonesia was launched in September 2021, using a unique home-grown algorithm to scan job seeker profiles and provide new job opportunities tailored to everyone.

KUPU’s AI-powered platform provides increased visibility through skill-based profile with scores and badges accredited by KUPU Academy.

Commenting on the milestone, Andry The, Co-Founder and Chief Information Officer, KUPU, said: “The response to our launch has been phenomenal. We embarked on a journey to create an AI-backed platform catering to local needs to search for a new job. Although we are proud to say that one million people have joined us on this journey, we know much more can be done to improve the experience for recruiters and job seekers.”

Millions of Indonesians Still Struggling to Find Work.

According to Statistics Indonesia (BPS), Indonesia’s unemployment rate hit 5.83% out of 208.54 million individuals during the first half of 2022.

Despite the employment rate starting to fall closer in line with pre-COVID levels, 8.4 million people are still struggling to find work, of which 14% are individuals with college or university degrees.

According to a recent study reported by HRM Asia, two top contributing factors that frustrate talent searches are finding talent that fits company culture (14%) and candidates with solid industry expertise (54%). KUPU’s platform assists in dealing with these factors. Candidates are sorted and ranked by best match according to their skills, experience, and location, against the company’s preferences, allowing recruiters to free up time to focus on more meaningful tasks, such as interviewing and onboarding new talent.

The platform can automatically sort and provide a list of candidates for online interviews through the in-app messaging and video call features. Through its training section, the KUPU Academy can also reduce the onboarding burden by preparing new staff for their first day.

For job seekers, the platform offers a robust search system developed by in-house engineers that can provide profile-based job vacancy recommendations. Providing them with jobs that matches the skills and experience they have to offer with what recruiters are looking for across multiple industries simultaneously.

In addition, posted jobs must be verified, protecting job seekers from potential fraudulent listings. Job seekers are also encouraged to participate in the KUPU Academy, which provides content-based upskilling that significantly enhances the job seeker’s success of finding suitable jobs. Badges earned on the academy will contribute to candidates’ profiles and are factored into the machine learning process.

“All of the features included on the KUPU app have been carefully selected to answer a real and apparent need faced by recruiters and candidates every day. We hope that our first believers in the platform have found their dream job and look forward to helping many more candidates and recruiters on their journeys in the future,” added Andry.

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About KUPU

Founded in 2021, KUPU is a mobile recruitment platform connecting job providers and seekers. The platform provides upskilling courses to increase employment visibility and to ensure each user is provided with an equal opportunity. KUPU is expanding its following throughout Indonesia and is looking to collaborate with initiatives from public and private sectors to further strengthen the employment industry.