On-us takes home the Excellence in Best Innovativeness Award at the Brand Design Awards 2023 by Hong Kong Designer Association

HONG KONG, TAIPEI and SINGAPORE, April 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On-us Company Limited (“On-us” or the “Company”), a fintech company based in Hong Kong, is committed to building an incentives ecosystem to facilitate seamless flows of value across brands, customers and merchants with their omni-tech solution. The company has won the Excellence in Best Innovativeness Award at the Brand Design Awards 2023 (BDA) organized by the Hong Kong Designer Association (HKDA).

On-us CEO and founder, Mr. Dennis Shi (right), receives the “Excellence in Best Innovativeness Award” presented by HKDA Vice Chairman Mr. Eddie Hui (left) at the BDA held by the HKDA.

On-us’s innovative Incentives Marketing Fintech solution was recognized under the “Financial Services and Wealth Management Product” category for its unique approach to maximize the flow of value from brands to consumers to merchants.

This award is a testament to On-us’s brand story, message, and beliefs. On-us’s mission is to create a seamless flow of value between brands, consumers, and merchants. By bridging the emotional concept of loyalty and the transactional nature of vouchers, On-us has created a new consumer-minded B2B brand that aims to transform reward experiences. The company aims to create value in relationships over time with continuous, simple, and unexpected gestures that feel like a treat between friends. On-us’s unique and effective brand design not only captures the essence of their brand, but also sets them apart in the market, which helps drive the company’s success in the B2B payment industry.

“On-us is honored to receive the Excellence in Best Innovativeness Award at the HKDA Brand Design Awards 2023,” said Mr. Dennis Shi, Founder & CEO of On-us. “This award is a recognition of On-us’s excellent achievements and efforts in the design field. We are committed to developing innovative designs and enhancing brand diversity, with the aim to create an incentives ecosystem building lifetime value. We are excited to introduce our omni-tech incentives solution to a wider audience and forge new pathways for value creation and delivery.”

“The Brand Design Awards 2023 recognize the exceptional work of designers and the role they play in shaping the image of brands. Our judging committee, consisting of experts from the Design and Creative Industries all believe in the power of design to transform businesses and elevate brand experiences,” said Ms. Mui Kinoshita, Chairman of HKDA. “The awards demonstrate the winners’ outstanding distinctiveness, aesthetics value, marketability, innovativeness and sustainability, highlighting the significance of exceptional design and innovation within Hong Kong’s design industry.”

The HKDA is a respected organization that aims to elevate the professional status of designers in various sectors, including government, cultural, entertainment, commercial and industrial fields. HKDA is committed to inspiring creativity and innovation, promoting design as a valuable element of daily life, and making Hong Kong a leading design hub in Asia.

Organized by the HKDA, The HKDA Brand Design Awards is one of HKDA’s flagship events celebrating their 50th anniversary that recognizes outstanding and innovative brand designs in Hong Kong. The awards set a benchmark for premium brands in the city and provide quantifiable metrics for clients and the public.

About On-us Company Limited

On-us Company Limited (On-us) is a consumer-minded B2B digital voucher solution provider. Equipped with application programming interfaces (APIs) for omni-channel distribution, On-us is an incentives ecosystem focused on delivering value and deepening customer relationships through customized messages and analysis of consumer behavioral data. Clients include marketers of global financial services providers, people management teams, blue chip property developers, non-profit organizations, and SMEs.

For more information, please visit www.on-us.com.