Ombori’s new StoreAI for Grid leverages Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service

STOCKHOLM, May 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On Wednesday May 24, Ombori will launch StoreAI, which uses Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service to extend the capabilities of its successful store digitalization platform, Grid. 

StoreAI will include a selection of AI tools designed specifically to meet the needs of physical retailers, including large language models, image generators, and expert systems. Some of these tools were developed by the Ombori team, while others were created by specialist partners such as Pointr and Volumental. 

StoreAI will benefit both customers and employees. For customers, it will create new customer journeys and memorable experiences. Conversational interfaces will allow them to engage with retailers in new ways and find relevant information quickly and easily. For employees, it will improve productivity, reduce stress, and empower them by giving them access to detailed information and organizational knowledge without the need to navigate complex data structures. 

Ombori CEO Andreas Hassellöf said, “We wouldn’t be where we are today without the support of Microsoft. Working with Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service allows us to expand Grid quickly and easily, integrating both in-house solutions and third-party solutions from our partners. This has enabled us to deliver a powerful suite of sophisticated, reliable, and relevant AI-powered retail technology in a matter of months.” 

ShiSh Shridar, Global Retail Startups Lead, Microsoft for Startups, said “I’m thrilled to see the capabilities that Ombori is bringing to the table to help retailers to enable or improve the experience for customers, as well as the employees, using Azure OpenAI Service.” 

StoreAI for Ombori Grid will officially launch at a special online event on May 24th. 

Andreas Hassellöf,
OmboriGrid AB (publ),
+46 (0) 77-586 80 00,
[email protected]