Ohmplus Technology Inc. | Show The Fast Measurement and Automatic Calibration Solution Derived From Its Core Technology at 2023 Taipei Aerospace & Defense Technology Exhibition

TAIPEI, Sept. 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The eagerly awaited 2023 Taipei Aerospace & Defense Technology Exhibition opens on September 14th. Backed by the Value Creation Programs for Start-up Teams in Universities of National Science and Technology Counci, Ohmplus Technology Inc.(hereinafter referred to as Ohmplus), a spin-off from National Taiwan University, is set to showcase its OHM+ Fast technology, driving innovation at the event.

Eng. / The photo of all employees of Ohmplus

Phased array antennas are vital for modern communication technology. Ohmplus leverages expertise and the OHM+ Fast algorithm to create fast measurement and automatic calibration systems for phased array antennas. These systems find use in mass production testing for 5G, millimeter-wave, and low earth orbit satellite technologies, revolutionizing related industries.

Ohmplus’s system have the features of over 10 times faster than existing systems, automatic optimizing antenna elements without moving the testing antenna, and the antenna unit errors of up to 10% can be recovered under customer’s shipment conditions. Therefore, customers don’t need to build a huge inspection and maintenance team, and can take into account the quality and speed of shipments. In addition, its fast group testing system can test up to 32 RF chips or modules at once, surpassing market systems in speed and cost-effectiveness.

Its total solution improves production efficiency and quality for phased array antennas and RF chips or modules, particularly aiding LEO satellite and semiconductor industries.

As the 2023 Taipei Aerospace & Defense Technology Exhibition nears, Ohmplus will display their innovations. The CEO, Dr. Bryan Chu will present “Fast Testing and Calibration Equipment for Phased Array Antennas” to share the latest developments and future of Ohmplus.

About Ohmplus:
Founded in 2021, it earned recognition for their patented technology and secured Pre-A round financing in 2023 from the Angel of National Development Fund, Darwin Venture, and CEOs of listed companies.

Contact: Spencer Tung, Director of Marketing, spencer@ohmplus.com