Official Release of ‘Kdan Office’ Developed by Hancom and Kdan Mobile

‘Kdan Office’ is the first Taiwanese office software with HANCOM SDK application and development First case of supplying Hancom’s SDK overseas, expected to pave the way for increasing SDK exports Hancom and Kdan Mobile planning to jointly develop ‘AI Editor’ based on their AI technological capabilities

SEOUL, South Korea, Oct. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Hancom Inc. (CEO Sung-jun Byun·Yeon-soo Kim, hereinafter referred to as ‘Hancom’) announced the official launch of the Taiwanese office software ‘Kdan Office,’ jointly developed with the global SaaS company Kdan Mobile Software Ltd., on October 6.

Kdan Office was designed and developed with an interface to suit the needs of Taiwanese people by Kdan Mobile based on a software development kit (SDK) supplied by Hancom, and it is the first export of Hancom’s SDK to an overseas market. This is expected to secure continuous overseas sales as Hancom plans to divide the profits from Kdan Office sales in the future.

Kdan Office consists of the word processor ‘Kdan Doc,’ spreadsheet software ‘Kdan Table,’ and slideshow software ‘Kdan Brief.’ The first official version was released as a public institution/enterprise edition last month, and a version for individual users has been released on October 2.

Kdan Office is the first domestically developed office software in Taiwan. As the MS Office software from the US is mostly used, Kdan Office is expected to be instrumental in lowering dependency on foreign software and developing independence with domestic software.

SDK is a module containing the necessary technology to easily and quickly develop software, and with the accumulation of electronic document technology for over 30 years, Hancom has been supplying its technology for document editing, formula calculation, and optical character recognition packaged in the SDK format to both domestic and overseas customers.

Meanwhile, Hancom has also formed the AI Development TFT with Kdan Mobile to jointly carry out an AI project. The two companies are planning to develop the ‘AI Editor’ together and provide it in an add-on format, and it will be applied to Hancom Office and Kdan Office in the future. The AI Editor is an add-on tool that will improve the utility and productivity of office programs. The two companies will combine technologies using AI with their electronic document creation and management know-how to further improve work speed and accuracy, and cooperate with each other for their global businesses. Hancom is also planning to unveil its AI technology in the cloud-based subscription office service Hancom Docs within this year.

Hancom CTO Ji-hwan Jeong emphasized, “Using Hancom’s SDK makes software development easier, and you can effectively utilize various functions including AI technology so it can improve work productivity for customers.” He added, “Hancom is working with other companies aside from Kdan Mobile to improve its AI technological capabilities, and the company is planning to release products developed with Hancom’s AI technology like Hancom AI Hub centered around the document-based smaller large language model (sLLM).”