Official Global Release of the New Mobile Puzzle Game ‘Pucca Puzzle Adventure’ on January 26

SEOUL, South Korea, Jan. 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On January 26, TAKEONE COMPANY (CEO: Min-Chae Jung), the developer of the mobile game ‘BTS World’, announced that ‘Pucca Puzzle Adventure’ developed and published by the company was officially released globally on Google Play and Apple App Store.

Pucca Puzzle Adventure is a game featuring adorable graphics along with the famous Korean character ‘Pucca’, and tells the story of the main character Pucca embarking on an adventure to defeat the evil boss ‘Dong King’. ‘Pucca’ is a cartoon character well known for her iconic ‘Pucca hair’ and it is a globally popular character that was ranked number 1 on the list of ‘Globally Popular Korean Characters’ for six consecutive years until 2021.

This is a puzzle RPG game with each level being cleared by a match of three puzzles and requires the players to upgrade their characters and use their skills and characteristics. The game features over 100 types of cute and unique characters each with their own dazzling unique skills, and puzzle quests that allow players to purely enjoy solving puzzles. The game also comes with a challenge mode where players can combat and defeat powerful in-game bosses to compete against each other, and other modes such as collecting, developing, and decorating their own unique villages by collecting various village items.

Pucca Puzzle Adventure will launch a limited-time login event for seven days in celebration of its global release where players are rewarded gems, character gacha draw tokens, and other in-game items. Also, the game will feature an exclusive level created from collaboration with the boy band ‘TREASURE’ formed by YG Entertainment. More information is available on the official game website.

Official Key Art of Pucca Puzzle Adventure

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In 2019, TAKEONE COMPANY produced the mobile game ‘BTS World’, which recorded 13 million downloads worldwide and the largest sales in the history of K-POP idol games. And in June 2022, TAKEONE COMPANY agreed on a partnership with the global content NFT project ‘Zombie Culture Club’ along with YG Entertainment. In 2023, TAKEONE COMPANY is planning to launch a global puzzle game featuring the Korean character ‘Pucca’ along with a game featuring famous K-POP idols.

Intro Screenshots of Pucca Puzzle Adventure