Official Announcement: SUNMEI Group Renamed as “Sunmei Digital Intelligence Technology Group”

SHANGHAI, July 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — “SUNMEI Group” is officially renamed as “Sunmei Digital Intelligence Technology Group” from now on to comprehensively transform and upgrade towards an intelligent platform company in the industry.

As of December 31, 2021, the Group had over 5,800 hotels, with 3,979 operating hotels which ranked fifth. The members on Xinlimei app had exceeded 123 million. With a coverage rate of third-and fourth-tier cities of 100% and a coverage rate of fifth-tier cities of 90%, Sunmei is the fifth hotel group with the largest sinking market share in China.

Sunmei transforms and upgrades to a digital intelligence company to build a new ecology of digital economy

Sunmei Digital Intelligence Technology Group has been committed to digital construction by focusing on building “hotel brand + intelligent industrial platform” to provide consumers with a better accommodation experience.

It has developed the industry-leading AI hotel managers, and built an intelligent full-process online closed-loop customer demand management system with IOT intelligent mid-end platform as the core. 

Reach strategic cooperation with Tuya,  Meituan and Tencent Cloud to accelerate the digital intelligence transformation of hotels in the sinking market

In the process of accelerating the digital intelligence transformation of hotels in the sinking market, Sunmei has reached strategic cooperation with Tuya, Meituan and Tencent Cloud to help the Group upgrade to “Sunmei Digital Intelligence Technology Group”.

Sunmei and Tuya: Redefining a new generation of smart hotels

Sunmei has developed a one-stop smart hotel solution based on the cloud development platform of Tuya. At the end of July, the brand-new smart hotel model room will be opened in the Sunmei Industrial Park, which will redefine a new generation of smart hotels. The intelligent locks and smart central voice control screens were independently developed by Sunmei.

Sunmei and Meituan: Creating the first digital hotel operating system of Sunmei – AI Operation Manager

Supported by Meituan’s big data platform and powerful computing power, and with the price model extracted from thousands of hotels of Sunmei, the AI Operation Manager will implement an intelligent pricing system which realizes dynamic decision-making based on big data. In addition, with the original super operation system and capabilities of private domain improvement and quality improvement, the AI Operation Manager will become the first hotel operating system (HOS) in the industry.

Sunmei and Tencent Cloud: Accommodation cloud

On the basis of Tencent Cloud (IAAS) + Enterprise WeChat Open Platform (PAAS), Sunmei and Tencent Cloud will build an AIOT cloud platform for the whole life cycle management of the accommodation industry. In the future, the platform will provide accommodation cloud solutions for the industry and establish an accommodation value network based on the ecology of “Public Cloud, Enterprise WeChat and Big Data” according to the demands of scenarios in the accommodation ecology.

Three independently-developed intelligent products launched,driving better accommodation experience with technology

Three intelligent products independently developed by Sunmei: intelligent lock, intelligent central control screen and AI operation manager, have been launched, which marks the implementation of Sunmei’s strategy of comprehensive intelligent transformation.

In the future, Sunmei will continue to launch a series of intelligent hotel products to build us into a brand-new excellent technology brand, and exhibit the role of Sunmei’s brand influence in intelligent hotels to the maximum.