OBBM introduces pioneering brand escort services to help overseas businesses expand into the mainland market

MACAU, Feb. 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Macau-based company “Outer Brian Brand and Marketing” (OBBM) has launched a one-stop brand marketing service specifically for overseas businesses, which combines brand consulting, visual design, commercial space construction, new media promotion and implementation. It aims to activate the market after the epidemic and help business to recover quickly. The company was founded by a group of senior brand marketing professionals from Guangdong and overseas, with more than a decade of successful bilateral brand practical experience, to help businesses to improve their brand awareness, increase their customer base, boost their revenue and achieve faster growth.

Accompanying services, to help overseas enterprises recover quickly after the epidemic

After the epidemic, many overseas companies hope to develop new markets in mainland China, so they eager to promote their brands and businesses more effectively and accurately in mainland China. The biggest difference between OBBM and other brand service companies is that it has established companies in both Hong Kong and Macau, and its founding team has spent many years in investigating the pain points and finding the opportunities of the bilateral market. Therefore, it can summarize the fastest, most effective and suitable promotion plan and development paths for overseas companies to enter the mainland market. It also provides comprehensive services for them, including precise and effective landing guidance, policy services, legal support, brand strategy, marketing content and strategy, social media promotion, and more. In addition, the company also provides a full range accompanying running service for overseas companies to establish their business in the mainland China and provide real support.

Leverage the team’s successful experience and local resources to develop business quickly and effectively

Overseas businesses, who wish to enter the Chinese market through OBBM, can leverage on the core team’s brand marketing experience in the world’s top 500, large bilateral enterprises in the Greater Bay Area, as well as their successful brand promotion experience on various platforms in the mainland market, such as Xiaohongshu, Douyin, Dianping, Baidu, and Zhihu. Through one-to-one exclusive brand consulting services, they provide tailor-made brand strategy plans like “private doctors” for enterprises, which enable companies to have a deeper understanding of the brand promotion strategy, effective channels, investment costs, and effectiveness cycle, and help them have a more comprehensive and realistic grasp for their brand expansion plans in the mainland market. In addition, the company provides overseas business with full course accompanying services to enter the mainland market, providing real support for overseas enterprises to establish business in mainland market.

A systematic working mode can provide a cost-effective result

In the view of the OBBM, brand building is a systematic project that requires a decision tree mindset and a one-way flow. If the previous step is wrong, everything that follows will also be wrong. Therefore, no matter if the enterprise strategy, brand design, marketing promotion, product planning, advertising design, or space design, the core is actually the same thing. It should be done by a team in a systematic manner, getting it right at a time and doing it well, so that strategies and content can be accurately disseminated to the society.

OBBM truly understands that brands play a very important role in today’s fiercely competitive market environment, and upgrading the brand is the key to continuous development for enterprises. As a company dedicated to brand planning and design services, OBBM has always upheld the service philosophy of “let good products speak for themselves, let good brands increase in value on their own, let good customers find you on their own, and let good stores transact on their own.” Therefore, at OBBM, they provide full-service solutions to help companies carry out re-plan, re-design and re-promote their brands from the beginning. This does not only help traditional brands to re-examine and analyze their strengths and weaknesses, but also enable them to find their own positioning and competitive advantage in the market. Furthermore, it helps them to better adapt to market changes and consumer needs, redefine brand image, culture and product positioning, and thereby enhance brand appeal and market competitiveness.

In Addition, OBBM can help traditional brands to expand new market space and business opportunities, increase the brand influence and market share and achieve sustainable brand development.

The founders of the OBBM, Yojee, said that because she has experienced each step of how overseas people and companies entering the mainland market. She hopes to share her experience with the other overseas companies, so that they can avoid unnecessary detours. The launch of this service aims to provide comprehensive, one-stop solutions for enterprises. She expressed her excitement about launching this service in Hong Kong and Macau. She believes that local businesses in overseas have enormous commercial potential, but they require new thinking and methods to fully utilize their potential. OBBM will be committed in providing the best service to its clients and help them achieve their business objectives.

If you are interested in the services provided by the company or would like to learn more, please visit their website or contact them directly.

About OBBM

OBBM is a brand planning company with Hong Kong and Macau genes. It serves as the external brain of businesses to help them break out of internal thinking and solve brand problems. Its goal is to achieve success for its clients and become their brand partner, assist them in reaching new heights and creating irreplaceable value.


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