OAK & IRON Unveils WAVE Series: World’s First Smart Cordless Outdoor Inflator

NEW YORK, March 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — OAK & IRON, a world leader in the outdoor recreation market, today announced the launch of the WAVE Pro, the industry’s first cordless high-pressure pump designed for outdoor use. More information can be found on the Kickstarter landing page.

The WAVE Pro boasts dual motors, providing users with a powerful and efficient inflatable solution. With the ability to inflate a paddle board from 0 to 15 PSI in just 6.5 minutes, the WAVE Pro is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts who demand fast and effortless inflation.

High-Pressure Pump with Fast Inflation Speed

The WAVE Pro is equipped with dual motors that bring more power to the product, allowing it to fully inflate a paddle board (245 * 76 * 12.5 CM) from 0 to 15 PSI in 6.5 minutes.

6.5-Inch Ultra-Large Screen with Real-Time Information

The 6.5-inch ultra-large screen provides real-time information, including inflation pressure and battery life, ensuring a super-friendly user experience.

Highly Versatile Use for Outdoor and Home Backyard

With a 27.6 Inch/70 cm extra-long air hose and six air nozzles, the WAVE Pro is perfect for inflating and deflating a wide range of outdoor and water sports gear, including paddle boards, inflatable boats/kayaks/pools, air beds, and more.

Cordless, Powerful, and Easy to Use

The WAVE Pro is cordless, making it easy to use and transport. Its 6,000 mAh power battery allows you to fill up to three paddle boards & kitesurfing kites at once. 0-20 PSI that covers most high-pressure inflation needs.

Dual-Use with Quick Deflation Mode

In addition to inflation mode, the WAVE Pro also features a quick deflation mode with auto-off functions, providing a complete solution for inflating and deflating gear.

Two-Motor Design with Two-Stage Powerful Inflatable Airflow

The WAVE Pro features a two-motor design with two-stage powerful inflatable airflow, including TURBO mode (350 L/Min) and pressure-up mode (70 L/Min), making it the most powerful pump on the market.

Intelligent Inflation and Accurate Real-Time Pressure Monitoring

The WAVE Pro features intelligent inflation and accurate real-time pressure monitoring up to 0.1 PSI, ensuring that your gear is inflated to the correct pressure.

The OAK & IRON WAVE Pro is now available for order. Order now and experience the convenience of high-pressure and fast inflation for your outdoor and water sports gear.

About OAK & IRON

We’re a team of problem solvers with diverse backgrounds. Our core team consists of engineers and designers who have previously built Microsoft’s ODM products. Other teammates and board members include an ex-Goldman Sachs junior trader and a medical doctor from a pre-IPO NYSE company. We all share a passion for outdoor and water sports, and our goal is to build a company that offers excellent products to make those experiences carefree.

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