OAK & IRON Unveils ONE Series: World’s First Smart Cordless Tire Inflators (Kickstarter Editor Picked Project)

NEW YORK, July 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — OAK & IRON, the world’s leader in the automotive parts & accessories market, today unveiled the ONE series, the world’s first smart electronic cordless tire inflator that offers 3-minute instant pumping to help users to fix flat tires faster than they ever thought possible. More information can be found on Kickstarter landing page to order and complete the final production steps. OAK & IRON’s project has been selected by Kickstarter’s editorial team as a “Project We Love” cohort (1 out 1000 acceptance rate) even before the final launch.

The OAK & IRON ONE Pro tire inflator brings the latest motor speed technology; an impressive 3.2-inch LED display, 400 days’ worth of standby power, and a well-engineered heat dissipation system. Here are some detailed highlights of the newest technology:

3-Minute Inflation with 5 Modes

The ONE PRO is the most advanced and fast inflation product series in the market, by upgrading the motor in the product, the engineers were able to create a product that takes just 3 minutes to inflate a 195/65 R15 tire (from 0%-100%), which traditionally takes 8-15 minutes. Along with four additional preset modes and one custom mode, it’s also stunningly easy to operate.

3.2-inch LED Display

A 3.2-inch screen showcases real-time information, including tire pressure, battery life, and inflation modes. This feature offers users clear product information so they can quickly understand exactly what’s going on.

400 Days of Standby Power

The ONE PRO comes with a 10,400mAh rechargeable lithium battery. That’s 2x more compared to the average 5,000mAh products currently available on the market. This ultra-strong battery ensures the ONE PRO can easily inflate four 195/65 R tires and can operate non-stop for up to 45 minutes.

Well-Engineered Heat Dissipation System

The ONE series design team carefully designed 12mm extra air space on the button of the product along with boosted cooling fans and a well-engineered overall heat dissipation system to increase product cooling efficiency.

Award-Winning Design Team

OAK & IRON’s lead designer, has won the IF Design Award, IDEA, Red Dot, and the GOOD DESIGN award. Brad led the design of the Microsoft X EPOS conference speaker and the PHILIPS Neck Wear Bluetooth Headset. He adopted best practices from his rich consumer electronics background to reinterpret this product, infusing it with a modern design and providing an enhanced and improved user experience.

More Design Features

Two 14-inch extra-long air hoses (one press-on and one twist-on) 100 Lumen LED light for easy use in darker lighting conditions 

The OAK & IRON ONE series is now available on Kickstarter. Order now and get the product in September of 2022.

About OAK & IRON 

We’re problem solvers with diverse backgrounds. The core teams are engineers and designers that have previously built Microsoft’s ODM products. Other teammates and board members include an ex-Goldman Sachs junior trader and a medicinal doctor from a Pre-IPO NYSE company.

We all share one thing in common – we enjoy road trips and want to build a company that offers excellent products to make those experiences carefree. #InstantProblemSolver

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