NVD Asia Logistics opens its ninth office in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

NVD Asia Logistics Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam is a fact.

HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam, Dec. 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The partnership of European based companies Neele-Vat Logistics with Doerrenhaus has paid off with the realization of another NVD Asia office, which has recently been officially inaugurated in the lively Ho Chi Minh City. The expansion into South-East Asia is an addition to the eight NVD Asia offices in Mainland China and Hong Kong that have opened last year. The opening of the new office in Vietnam makes a total of nine locations in Asia. Vietnam has the fastest growing economy in the whole South-East Asia region during the last five years. Ho Chi Minh City, the economic center of Vietnam, has a young, talented and dynamic workforce. This is the perfect combination and outcome of what NVD Asia stands for; to offer the best possible full service logistical solutions, with the most up to date customer service.

Mr. Kim Pham – Country Manager of NVD Asia Logistics Vietnam

Country Manager Kim Pham is very proud and feels gratitude for this new step. Kim, born and grew up in the Netherlands with Vietnamese roots, has been working on this project in Vietnam since 2021, after he was approached by Neele-Vat. He proudly grabbed the opportunity to open an NVD Asia office. Now, NVD Asia – Vietnam is a fact, and we are proudly celebrating with our colleagues from across the globe. 


Kim’s ambition and aspiration has always been to work abroad and to open and manage an own office. “NVD Asia is young and dynamic, we maintain close relationships with our clients and we offer accountability. We arrange it all, from the start to the end, we cover the whole supply chain for our clients, and we’re a one stop shop”, he smiles.

Kim is excited for what is yet to come, and he is pleased by the entrepreneurial enthusiasm of colleagues from Neele-Vat, Doerrenhaus and NVD Asia. With hard work, dedication and commitment, his goal of an own office in Vietnam has become reality. The opening of an office in Ho Chi Minh city offers a huge range of opportunities for especially European based logistics companies, which NVD Asia has eased its accessibility for.

“I want to make sure that our clients receive the most up to date service that they can get. One of them is the total picture that we offer. Which means, we cover everything within the supply chain, all they have to do is to sit back and let us do the work. Carrying out this approach means we also anticipate the future. We stay young and dynamic, and we do so by remaining close to developments and our clients’ needs” – Kim Pham.

Plans 2024

Goals for the future are beyond the focus on growth and establishment. Kim’s goals are determined on the basis of probabilities, possibilities, and plausibility. One of those outcomes of Kim’s future plans is to declare Hanoi as the best possible location to establish a second NVD Asia location in Vietnam. Plans for the future entail the implementation of a more innovative approach, which is important to keep up with within a digitalized world and fast-growing technologies, he states. With NVD Asia’s new location in Ho Chi Minh City, this base has been set.