NuraLogix Announces ‘Holy Grail’ of Blood Pressure Measurement

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Researchers at NuraLogix, a global leader in Health Tech AI, announced today that they have achieved the ‘Holy Grail’ of contactless blood pressure (BP) measurement using the company’s TOI™ based Anura™ app!

NuraLogix Announces ‘Holy Grail’ of Blood Pressure Measurement

“What is the Holy Grail of contactless blood pressure measurement? It’s when you can measure your blood pressure with an accuracy corresponding to a standard deviation of error of less than 8mmHg,” stated NuraLogix CEO and co-founder Marzio Pozzuoli. “This represents a breakthrough achievement by the research team at NuraLogix and sets a new industry benchmark.”  Even more importantly this level of accuracy was achieved without physiological calibration of the measuring device (i.e. Anura)  to the individual having their blood pressure measured.

Previously in 2020, NuraLogix was the first to achieve this level of accuracy for contactless video camera based BP devices with N=85 subjects which is the minimum requirement according ISO 81060-2:2018 the standard used by all BP devices to measure accuracy.  The current testing was done on N=554 subjects which represents a new benchmark and that the technology is more generalizable  to a broader population.

It is the company’s intention to publish results as part of a planned series of clinical trials in the U.S and other countries in 2023.

NuraLogix will be demonstrating this capability at the CES tradeshow held from January 5-8, 2023 at the Las Vegas Convention Centre.

Visit NuraLogix in booth #8233 in the North Hall to get your blood pressure checked and experience this development for yourself.

About NuraLogix

NuraLogix are the creators of the world’s first contactless blood pressure measurement technology. The company’s patented technology can measure 30+ health and wellness parameters using Transdermal Optical Imaging (TOI™), a patented technique developed by the company in which a conventional video camera is used to extract facial blood flow information from the human face. This is demonstrated in the company’s ground-breaking app Anura™ and Anura Lite™. 

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