NSI Global Counter Intelligence Officially Rebrands to NSI Global

SYDNEY, Oct. 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, NSI Global Counter Intelligence is proud to announce its Rebranding to NSI Global and the relaunch of its new corporate website www.nsi-globalcounterintelligence.com. The rebranding to NSI Global better reflects the growth of its global network and its significant expansion in the provision of highly specialised services in the world of Risk Management and Intelligence.

NSI Global provides Counterintelligence, Counterterrorism Intelligence, Counterinsurgency Intelligence, Cyber Threat Intelligence, Risk Advisory, Geopolitical Risk, Technical Surveillance Counter Measures, Digital Forensic Incident Response, Offensive Cyber Security, Communication Security, Enhanced Due Diligence, Litigation Support Services, and Advanced Government Only Technologies. NSI Global helps protect its clientele from financial loss and reputational damage and provides invaluable intelligence to protect its people and their business.

“We are trusted advisors to private, high/ultra-high-net-worth individuals, top-tier law firms, multinational corporations, and government.  We deliver the results our clients need to build organizations that are secure, compliant, and resilient in an era of ever-increasing risk. We believe the rebrand to NSI Global and relaunch of our corporate website better reflects our greatly expanded specialised service offering,” said Claude Khoury, COO of NSI Global.

“In today’s volatile world and due to the speed at which threats arise, it is important for the individual, risk professionals, C-Suite executives, diplomats, and government officials to be able to navigate these risks in their global environment. Our firm will guide you in taking proactive countermeasures, making informed strategic decisions, and most importantly, help you ensure the security of your most valuable assets. As we have for more than two decades, NSI Global will continue to protect, serve, and secure our loyal clientele’s peace of mind and inform their futures. We invite potential clients to visit our new website to view our greatly expanded range of services and get in contact for a confidential meeting,” said Navid Sobbi, CEO of NSI Global.

About NSI Global

NSI Global is a Risk and Intelligence Advisory firm. For over two decades they have built a reputation for consistently managing large-scale projects involving complex and sophisticated threat mitigation.

NSI Global is trusted by Governments, Law Enforcement, Multinational Organisations, and High/Ultra-High-Net-Worth Clients, to advise them on all aspects of Information Risk, Operational Risk, Cyber Risk, Corporate Risk, and Economic Espionage Risk. Their clients trust them to uncover vulnerabilities and threats and provide guidance on the most important aspects of their business.