Now Appointing Resellers for EPOP™ – the Selection Hero for Organisations Everywhere

Key details of Validity’s exciting new EPOP™ staff selection assessment:

One assessment that applies to 9 different roles. No certification required ensures broad appeal and use. Easy to use by all hiring managers. Quick & secure. Includes reports on Trust, Integrity & Emotional Intelligence. Delivers tailored interview questions for each candidate. Includes Coaching & Development guides. Selection made easier with our unique Traffic Light system. Affordable selling price and delivers great margins. Perfect for every size of organisation. Across all industry & government sectors. Full range of aids, collaterals and supports. Training and escalation protocols provided.

MELBOURNE, Australia, July 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Only Multi-Role Selection Assessment

Validity Group has announced that it looks to appoint Resellers for the EPOP™ Selection Assessment platform. This truly unique solution is now available for resellers everywhere. Designed to deliver on the business challenges of today, EPOP™ is already delivering outstanding results for all users.

Great opportunity to grow your profits by leveraging the world’s only multi-role selection assessment

In just one assessment, each candidate can be assessed against 9 different roles across any business. This ensures that candidates, both internal and external, can now be easily identified as potentials across a wide range of different roles in just one straightforward and affordable selection assessment.

Designed to suit all organisations, the EPOP™ allows organisations to gain insights not always easily identifiable until now. This opens up career potentials within the business for everyone; now your clients will be able to predict each candidate’s success across a range of different roles:

All Call Centres roles – Inbound; Outbound; Supervisor Sales roles – Competitive and Relationship Sales Mangers Professional roles Management Service Leadership

The EPOP™ delivers a number of key advantages. Organisations can now plan career paths and development curriculums with accuracy based upon reliable, verified, and scientifically validated data that supports selection decisions and investments in development.

Easy and Affordable

At a time when selecting the right personnel must be completed quickly and efficiently, the EPOP™ delivers on that easily and affordably. The structure and design of the report provides all hiring managers with a clear view of who to select and for which role. That removes any guesswork, as well as any potential for bias, which in turn means that the reports are legally defensible. This is a growing and necessary requirement as selection decisions are increasingly challenged.

For resellers everywhere this makes the sale easier, faster, and builds stronger customer ties as it opens up significant opportunities with customers.

To support its reseller community, Validity Group has developed a broad range of collaterals and support mechanisms to promote success. Repeat business is assured as clients like using the solution for a broad range of applications across their business. For resellers, this all translates into:

Margins that are very attractive and provide solid repeat income streams. Retail price points are affordable and hence encourages broad use. No expensive Certifications means broader and easier sales opportunities. Reduced cost of ownership means more funding for assessments. Repeat business as a broader application across the clients’ business. Speeds up accuracy in the selection processes supporting clients’ growth. Removes client risk & is legally defensible – an increasingly necessary component. Supports every organisation to reallocate resources and reduce flight risk. Select candidates for long-term careers and development plans. Supports succession planning processes at multiple levels. Means ONE assessment – ONE investment as opposed to multiple costs. Used by the most competitive & successful organisations in the world.

Validity Group sees EPOP™ as a key ingredient for the success of its resellers and their customers. It is an ideal adjunct to Validity’s established and proven solution range of Project Management Platform (Easy Redmine), Microlearning (Qstream®) and proprietary Coaching Programs, all of which are about driving business results through any organisation’s best asset – their people.

“Businesses and organisations who want to use innovative ideas to drive their success and want to be at the forefront of their competition will quickly identify EPOP™ as the ideal solution to support and enhance in their selection processes.”

Full Range of Collaterals

To meet its goal of supporting its valued reseller network, Validity Group provides its resellers with an extensive array of sales collaterals and training.

For resellers with little knowledge of this market, we provide an onboarding program complete with our Sales Playbook, which delivers on all the basic requirements for success. For those who are experienced in the assessment market, we have all the support and product training required for success.

With a comprehensive list of add-on solutions, such as a full range of role- specific assessments, consulting capabilities and services, this is an opportunity for any entrepreneurial organisation to move forward in a growing and expanding market.

The full support of the Validity Group team and subject matter experts means that resellers are fully armed to succeed with a very powerful solution applicable across a very broad market.

All the Most Wanted Roles in One Selection Assessment

EPOP™ is used by some of the most competitive organisations in the world today. The “speed of business” demands that solutions that were once considered to be satisfactory are now being replaced by solutions that deliver far more, far easier, and cheaper. That is where EPOP™ clearly demonstrates its superiority.

With a sound basis in science and data from millions of reports, we are now able to support customers far better than ever before. The inclusion of resellers in the Validity Group network now allows clients and prospects everywhere to take full advantage of the solution to the benefit of their business, their staff, their customers and their investors.

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